Welcome to the section dedicated to Sailor Moon on Takeuchi-naoko.com--Celestial Luminary. The site has major sections- for the manga, anime, musicals, live action, and video game sections of this site as well.

This site is constantly under construction so please check back to see what's new.

Helpers - Celestial Luminary Blog


Otakimi-chan (she disappeared, so no e-mail)- provided fan pictures.

Oushi-kun- provided various graphics used throughout the website.

Darrien- provided links and inspiration.

Hitsuji’s Dad- Provided help with programming efforts and php. The character page sections would not be possible without him.

Ritesh Patel- Providing help with My SQL, and php.

Mitsukai- random support, and the kohitsuji picture.

Mitsukai’s husband- Help with PHP.

Jeremy-kun- provided the challenges of the outer senshi for the profiles section.

Alex Glover- a frequent referenced source, also many thanks for allowing us to directly quote some of your translations!

Kabocha-chan Fixed up Hitsuji’s Dad’s code and database, ’cause Hitsuji nor Kabocha could understand it at all.

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