Kirari Super Live - Basic Information
The Sailor Senshi on Stage Name: Kirari Super Live [Sparkle Super Live]
Performance date: May 2, 2004
DVD/VHS release date: August 27, 2004
Director: Tazaki Ryuta
Writer: Takeuchi Naoko

Trivia & Information:

  • This event was a live performance, and attendance was determined by the winners of the 'Sailor Moon Campaign'. The contest involved sending in proof of purchase of PGSM merchandise and approx. 1,000 entries were selected to receive tickets to the live show.
  • Some modifications were given to the casts costumes, petticoats were added to the skirts (which gave them more lift and was perhaps a bit more modest), and Sailor Mercury's wig was altered slightly (the other actresses mentioned it looked like Marilyn Monroe's hair in the making-of omake).
  • Though there were a lot of musical numbers with singing and dancing, the girls were lip-synching to the music to pre-recorded tracks. Only Sae, who performed Kirari*Sailor Dream! (the theme song) actually sang live at the event.
  • Though Zoisite played several familiar melodies for the audience at the live event, they did not appear on the DVD/VHS version due to copyright issues.
  • Takeuchi-sensei actually wrote the script for this live performance, though there was some ad-libbing done by the cast (this is especially evident during the Shittenou's scene).
  • Kirari Super Live - Summary
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