Special Act - Basic Information
Usagi and Mamoru get married Name: Watashi-tachi Kekkonshimasu!! [We're Getting Married!!]
DVD/VHS Release Date: October 26, 2004
Director: Maihara Kenzo
Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko

Note: this act takes place four years after the events in Act 49.

Important Plot Points:

  • Kuroki Mio is revived
  • Only appearance of Queen Selenity in the live-action series
  • The senshi use the legendary sword to revive their powers temporarily.
  • The Shittenou are revived, this time to help Mamoru and the senshi
  • The only use of Sailor Planet Attack
  • Mio is defeated
  • Usagi and Mamoru get married
  • Motoki and Makoto get engaged
  • Trivia:

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  • Special Act - Summary
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