Artemis Name: Artemis
Actor: Yamaguchi Kappei
First Appearance: Act 0
Guardian Of: Sailor V/Sailor Venus.
Family: Unknown, but he is very close to Aino Minako
Past Life: Artemis, an advisor to Queen Serenity (possibly) or he had the same role as the present day- to help guide Sailor Venus as she lead the senshi.
Love Interest: Unknown

He is: Sailor Venus's plushy cat who trained her to be a Sailor Senshi before the other senshi awoke. He acts as Minako's constant companion and friend, which is quite important because Minako is very solitary and doesn't often speak to the other senshi.

Personality: While he takes the mission seriously, he often seems unsure about the risks Minako takes to fulfill the mission. He cares for Minako very much, and acts as her friend as well as mentor.

Likes: Minako

Dislikes: Jack-in-the-boxes

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio