Komatsu Ayaka
Komatsu Ayaka First Name: Ayaka
Last Name: Komatsu
Birth date: July 23, 1986
Birthplace: Toyko, Japan
Height: 5'3" [160cm]
Blood type: A
Astrological Sign: Cancer/Leo (on the cusp)
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Baking, Cooking Pasta, Making Sweets
PGSM Roles: Aino Minako, Sailor V, Sailor Venus
Official Website: Amuse (agency); Professional Blog; Personal Blog

Before PGSM:
Born in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture, but she lived for eight years in Argentina and speaks a bit of Spanish as well. Ayaka became a model before landing the role as Sailor Venus in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and was regularly featured in CANDy magazine along with Alisa. she also did a commercial for Takara in 2002.

On Pretty Guardian Sailormoon:
Ayaka felt like she wasn't very good at singing or dancing during her casting, especially compared to the other girls who were more experienced. She was, however, good at ping pong and made a point of showing the casting judges her table tennis abilities. At first the casting agents thought this was unusual, but they were impressed after Ayaka did a forceful attack stroke towards them.[1]

Actually, Ayaka didn't know the storyline of Sailor Moon before she auditioned for the role, and Sawai Miyuu explained it to her during the casting.[2]

In 2004 she became a member of the modeling quartet Nittelligenic.

Projects following PGSM:
She continued modeling for CANDy until it stopped running in 2006. Afterwards she focused mainly on her gravure idol carreer and released several photobooks and DVDs. In addition, Ayaka appeared on several television dramas, a handful of movies, and many commercials.

A good site to keep up with her current work is Ayaka502.

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