Sugimoto Aya
Sugimoto Aya First Name: Aya
Last Name: Sugimoto
AKA: Sugimoto Tomoe
Birth date: July 19, 1968
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Height: 5'6" [168cm]
Blood type: AB
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Dancing
PGSM Roles: Queen Beryl
Official Website: [unfortunately, all the official site links I've found have lead to 404 errors)

Before PGSM:
Aya has had a long career before she started working on PGSM. She debuted as an idol in 1988 and dropped a J-Pop album the same year. She is most famous in Japan for her number 1 singles "Usagi", "Boys", and "Gorgeous". Her last album was in 1995.

Between 1987 and 2002 she had a handful of film roles.

On Pretty Guardian Sailormoon:
During PGSM, Aya was the spokeswoman for a bust-line enhancing supplement called B-Up Drops (Bust Up Drops) as she is known for being well endowed. Also during this time, she went through a very high profile divorce that ended up being publicized highly (as she was quoted on calling it a "sexless divorce" because they didn't have enough sex, apparently) and gave Japan a new buzz-word.

Following the divorce she had a few appearances on different television programs.

Projects following PGSM:
Aya continued to work on different films steadily.

In 2008 she had a major publicity kerfluffle when she appeared as a spokeswoman for PETA and appeared in an advertisement that was sexually charged (Aya posed nude and only held up a sign to cover herself, the sign said 'fur? I'd rather go naked' in english on it) which caused some controversy for the then forty year old woman.

As of August 2009, her most recent project was the movie Blood, about vampires.

She also had a hit novel after PGSM which was erotica (naturally).

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