Jadeite Name: Jadeite
Actor: Masou Jun
First Appearance: Act 1; "Watashi ga Sailormoon!" [I am Sailormoon!]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: The youngest of Endymion's guardians, Jadeite is said to have doted on his master as if he were his younger brother.
Love Interest: Queen Beryl (hinted at)
Eye Color: Blue
Powers: Jadeite can turn into human and make a person collapse just by touching them.

He is: The first of the Shittenou and also the youngest. Jadeite's task is to gather energy for Queen Metallia. Jadeite is the most loyal Shittenou to Queen Beryl, and it seems as though he may be in love with her.

Personality: Jadeite is unquestioning and very loyal to Queen Beryl. Even as the other Shittenou's loyalties begin to waver, Jadeite is sure to tell the others his master is Queen Beryl. He doesn't often think about the past life and even when Queen Beryl releases him from his curse to obey her, Jadeite stays with her through the end.

Likes: Queen Beryl

Enemies: The Sailor Senshi

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