Kunzite Name: Kunzite
Actor: Kubodera Akira
First Appearance: Act 13 "Shittenou Saigo no Hitori Kunzite Arawaru" [The Last of the Shittenou, Kunzite, Appears]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: The leader of the Shittenou, and the most loyal of Prince Endymion's guardians.
Love Interest: Unknown
Eye Color: Black
Powers: He can transform a person into a youma, use Queen Metallia's energy to manipulate a person and can use his sword like a crystal-ball.

He is: Originally a soft-spoken man named Shin, Usagi and Mamoru try to help him regain his memories. Unfortunately, Queen Beryl decides it is time to awaken the "most powerful of the Shittenou" and Shin turns into Kunzite. Kunzite's personality is vastly different than his human counterpart, and he is arrogant and ruthless in getting his way. He follows Queen Beryl because he has to, but it is evident that he would just as soon kill her if he got the chance. He shows no loyalties to either Prince Endymion or to the Dark Kingdom, but does show a minor interest in protecting the planet itself. Zoisite asks him how he could be so callous to their master when he used to be the most loyal of the Shittenou, and Kunzite replies that what he is doing is a form of loyalty.

Personality: Cold, arrogant, and ruthless. Kunzite is confident in his power and likes to toy with lives, playing games with the senshi and even taking on a Sailor Senshi as a 'pet'. He doesn't like to be manipulated and would rather be his own master than follow either Queen Beryl or Prince Endymion.

Likes: Games (like his chess board game)

Enemies: The Sailor Senshi, Queen Beryl, and (sometimes) the other Shittenou... he really is more of the lone-wolf type.

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