Magical Items of PGSM Nephrite's Items
Youma Stone #1
Youma Stone

First Appearance: Act 4
This is one of the three stones Nephrite uses to create Youma.

Youma Stone #2
Youma Stone 2

First Appearance: Act 23
This is another stone Nephrite used to create a Youma.

Whirring Blade
Whirring Blade

First Appearance: Act 23
This is a long staff with a saw-like blade on the end that whirrs around. He attacks Dark Mercury with it after he is defeated by the senshi (yet again) and she teases him about it. He misses her and she tells him he can't seriously think he'll be able to attack her successfully in his current state.

Youma Stone #3
Youma Stone 3

First Appearance: Act 26
The last stone Nephrite uses to summon a Youma.

Nephrite's Sword

First Appearance: Act 36
Despite this being his image weapon, Nephrite doesn't typically use this blade. He does impale himself with it in act 36 at Beryl's forcing, and he uses it to shoot energy with in the Special Act later on. Still, when he is in close-range, melee combat, Nephrite prefers to use his fists.