Makoto/Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter Name: Kino Makoto
Sailor Name: Sailor Jupiter
Actress: Azama Myuu
First Appearance: Act 5 (brief);
Introduction Appearance: Act 6 "Tenkousei wa Sailor Jupiter" [The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter]
Civilian Hair: Dark Auburn brown, lightened slightly from black worn in a ponytail.
Sailor Hair: Auburn, worn in a high pony tail with a jeweled green double ball-clasp, wavy and with two wisps of hair hanging loose near her ears.
Family: Both parents are deceased, no other known family
Past Life: Sailor Jupiter, one of Princess Serenity's guardians
Attack Element: Lightning; Wood [plants]
Love Interest: At first talks about her Sempai, later Motoki expresses an interest and it begins to blossom to a romance.
Image Color: Green
Image Songs: Miracle Dance Night; Lovely Yell

She is: The fourth senshi to join the Sailor team, a transfer student who is rumored to be very tough and boyish who begins taking classes at Usagi's school. She is befriended by Usagi and they discover she is Sailor Jupiter- when she does realize this, Makoto decides she was always alone before because her life was meant to be a senshi, and with her senshi friends.

Personality: Makoto is often classified by others stereotypically as a tom-boy, but she is actually quite feminine. While it is true that she is very strong and capable, confident and brash, she is also very kind and loving and yes, even a bit girly. Her bento boxes are always neat and cute, her home is tidy.

Likes: Cooking (she always makes too much, though, she states this to Motoki and also it is revealed when she offers to make a bentou box for Ami and it is multi-tiered and huge), Motoki (eventually)

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio

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