Ami/Sailor Mercury

Mercury Name: Mizuno Ami
Sailor Name: Sailor Mercury
Actress: Hama Chisaki
First Appearance: Act 1 (brief); Act 2; "Ami-chan ga Nakama ni Nattawa" [Ami-chan Became a Friend]
Civilian Hair: Black, half up and half down.
Sailor Hair: Light Blue, short (chin length) and layered.
Family: Mother: Dr. Mizuno
Past Life: Sailor Mercury, one of Princess Serenity's guardians
Attack Element: Water
Love Interest: Nephrite (hinted strongly at)
Image Color: Blue
Image Songs: Mi Amor; Yakusoku

She is: The smartest girl at Juuban Jr High. Shy and demure, Ami is a little surprised when Tsukino Usagi seeks her friendship, but readily accepts. Ami is also Sailor Mercury, the second senshi to join the team in the series and the third senshi to appear (after Sailor V and Sailormoon).

Personality: Ami often worries about others' needs before her own and occasionally doubts her friendships with the other senshi. She is fiercely loyal and works hard to protect her friends and those she cares about.

Likes: Nephrite (towards the middle and end of the series), Usagi, Aino Minako's music.

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio

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