Usagi/Sailormoon/Princess Serenity/Princess Sailormoon
Sailormoon Name: Tsukino Usagi
Sailor Name: Sailormoon / Princess Sailormoon
Actress: Sawai Miyuu
First Appearance: Act 1; "Watashi ga Sailormoon!" [I am Sailormoon!]
Civilian Hair: Black, worn in odango and pigtails.
Sailor Hair: Blonde, worn in odango with jewels and either clips in front of them or a crown in front.
Family: Mother: Tsukino Ikuko, housewife (and aspiring TV reporter); Younger Brother: Tsukino Shingo
Past Life: Princess Serenity, destroyer of the world.
Attack Element: Light(?)
Love Interest: Tuxedo Kamen/Mamoru.
Image Color: Pink
Image Songs: Over Rainbow Tour; Here We Go

She is: The central protagonist of the series, Usagi is a normal middle school student until she meets Luna, a talking plushy cat. At first, Usagi/Sailormoon works to fight the youma that keep popping up and stealing energy, as well as fighting against Jadeite and the other Shittenou. As the story progresses, it delves into more focus on her past life and her relationship with Mamoru.

Personality: Loud and energetic, Usagi doesn't hesitate to bounce over to potential friends or enter a silly contest. Quick to befriend people, and quick to forgive (too quick, in the case of Kuroki Mio) she seeks out peace from everyone she meets. As the story continues, Usagi's personality becomes a bit more quiet and subdued, showing a concentrated effort on her part to continue smiling and not use the ginzuishou. Despite this, Usagi is still capable of wild energy and huge smiles.

Likes: Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen (though Mamoru was an acquired taste, at first she despised him), Aino Minako (she loves to sing her songs Karaoke, and also loves her enough to have a large Aino Minako poster on her bedroom wall), friends, family.

Enemies: Queen Beryl, the Shittenou, Queen Metallia, Kuroki Mio (eventually)

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