Zoisite Name: Zoisite
Actor: Endou Yoshito
First Appearance: Act 6 "Tenkousei wa Sailor Jupiter" [The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter]
Family: Unknown
Past Life: A Shittenou, one of Prince Endymion's guardians.
Love Interest: Unknown
Eye Color: Black
Powers: He can compose various songs of power- from astral projection, the creation of youma, even to mind-control Zoisite's range of powers on the piano are vast.

He is: The third of the Shittenou to appear, Zoisite is constantly at his piano playing music. When he begins to attack the Sailor Senshi, he recognizes Tuxedo Kamen as someone he knows, and eventually realizes that he was his former master, Prince Endymion. Zoisite makes a point of picking up his mission from his past life to protect Prince Endymion.

Personality: Zoisite is quiet and sensitive, and usually he uses clever means (most often spells on his piano) to get what he desires or to fulfill missions. He is the most loyal to Prince Endymion of the Shittenou and the only of the four to actively pick up his previous quest when he realized what it was. Zoisite is so loyal that when his life was being threatened by Queen Beryl in act 36, he still told Mamoru to stay away from her, even if it would kill him. Zoisite is against the romance between Mamoru and Usagi because he worries that the past will repeat itself, but eventually he realizes that Mamoru and Usagi love each other deeply and should, in fact, be together- he even dies after defending Sailormoon. Zoisite won't hesitate to use unusual methods to get his mission accomplished and even collaborates with Sailor Venus in one episode to try to break up Usagi and Mamoru.

Likes: Prince Endymion, Playing the Piano

Enemies: The Sailor Senshi, Princess Serenity (until Zoisite's last episode, then he seems to have a change of heart on this one)

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