Black Lady / Wicked Lady
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Name Information
Japanese Name:
Black Lady

Name Characters:
Black Lady

Japanese Name Pronounced:
Boo-rlah-koo Rl-ay-dee

Japanese Alias:

Japanese Alias Characters:

Japanese Alias Pronounced:

Japanese Alias Definition

North American Names:
Mixx - Black Lady

DiC - Wicked Lady
Irwin - Wicked Lady
Fans - N/A

North American Alias:

Names in Other Countries:

Enemy Information

Planet Nemesis's powers combined with Chibiusa's insecurities give rise to her new abilities and form.

Dark Crystals(?)

Manga Title:
Blue Black Lady

Works with the Black moon family to help bring down the new Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo.

Manga Mission:
To stop the Sailor Senshi and bring down Crystal Tokyo. Black Lady is out to destroy the establishment that rejected her [as Chibiusa].

Color Associations:
Black, Pink



Japanese: ?
Re-release: ?
Mixx: ?


Special Powers:



Personal Information
Approximate Age:

Estimated Height:

Likes and Dislikes
strong Point:

Has Trouble With:

Special Strengths:

Likes: Mamoru, Sailor Pluto [manga], Luna-P [anime]

The Sailor Senshi, Luna-P [manga]


Living Accommodations

Family: The Black Moon family. Wiseman sort of adopts her informally in the anime [because she was 'rejected' by her own family].

Manga: In a Castle on Planet Nemesis [in the future] Anime: ??? With the Black Moon Family, it's assumed.

In the Real World
Anime Original Character Designer:

Kae Araki

English Voice Actor:
Liz Wartenberg Brown

Musical Acting By:
Mao Kawasaki [2001]; Shion Nakamaru [2002]

Manga Appearance:
Japanese: ?
Re-release: ?
Mixx: Volume 6, Act 20, Page 91

Killed By/Healed By in the Manga: Sailor Pluto [indirectly]

How They Were Killed/Healed: Sailor Pluto dies by breaking the last taboo of stopping time to save the universe. Finally, this loss gets through to Black Lady and makes her realize that she is loved, and she turns back into Chibiusa with a different set of goals.

Anime Episode Number and Name Appearance:
Japanese: Episode 85, Ankoku no Joou Black Lady, no Tanjou [The Birth of Black Lady, the Queen of Darkness]
NA Dub: 78, Birth of wicked Lady

Killed By/Healed By in the Anime: Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen [as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion]

How They Were Killed/Healed: At the final battle, Doom Phantom and Black Lady were together against the Sailor Senshi. Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen plead to her to see reason, but she doesn't listen, until both of them walk through the dangerous energy and winds and hold her hands. They turn into Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion and explain why she was treated the way she was [which wasn't mistreatment at all as she had thought]. She realizes her mistake and turns back into Chibiusa.

Character Fanlisting: Wounded Heart

Personality and Fandom
Useless Background Information:

Also Happens to Look Like:

Takeuchi Naoko's Notes:

  • Diamonds are sewn on the wrists of her sleeves.
  • To distinguish her eyes from Chibiusa's, they're done like glass balls.
  • Her sleeves and the chest portion are organdy.
  • Her high heels are satin.
  • The fabric of her skirt is the same color as her shawl.
  • There are two slits in her skirt, one on each side. The blue organdy part seems to stick out.
  • History:

    The Black Moon Manga (for convenience sake)





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