Profiles - Black Moon Family
This group of villians was the ones to attack in the second part of the R Season as well as the Volume 4 - 8 of the manga. Unlike most of the enemies in Sailormoon, this group came from the future.

Death Phantom/Doom Phantom

Black Lady/Wicked Lady

Prince Demando/Prince Diamond

Ayakashi Sisters:
Ayakashi Cooan (kurizuki) /Catsy
Ayakashi Beruche / Birdy
Ayakashi Karaberas/ Avery
Ayakashi Petz /Prisma

Spotted Tilmun [3]
Aaron [3]
Manna [3]

[1.] This character was manga only
[2.] This character was anime only
[3.] This character was musicals only
[4.] This character was PGSM only
[5.] This character was video game only