Character Profiles Information

The character profiles are one of the first things I created and I am very proud them (I think with some justification). I am very open to suggestions to improve them. Just know that this section is not complete, but it should be as soon as I learn my php. If there is something incorrect, then please inform me and I'll give you linked credit.

I, Hitsuji, ask that any information that I personally provided, or anything dealing with my own opinions be clearly marked as the property of this page with a link. Unless you intend to go and collect the information yourself, without the aid of this page, please link me. I will know when you have taken from me.

I just want to note that ALL the Japanese names are in East Asian Style: Surname FIRST, then given name. And most of the time Japanese names will be used.

Sources and References

The sources for the profile pages.

Original Manga: Alex Glover's Translations

I bought all original 1-18 manga. *smiles* so those page numbers are not contrived. I took a long time finding them. I also scanned the front and back cover flaps of the manga for the first senshi manga appearance. I used them for referencing, looking up facts and questioning Alex's translations. Notations on the characters (Takeuchi's notes) are cited specifically and directly from Alex Glover's notes and are used with permission.

Hitoshi Doi: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Mostly for the staff info these days, though I did use his episode summaries in the old days. I verified him off of Yumi (who has the fan books) and other sites. He does have a few minor errors and he was missing the seiyuu for Elios.. which I found with the help of Yumi, but only because I asked.

Ken Arromdee: His FAQ

I verified him off of the original manga and anime as well as my own extensive research.. he does have a lot of minor errors that need to be fixed and he's getting quickly outdated in opinion and his information, but he is the source of most of the character information that you will find either on my site or other sites of a Sailor Moon nature. (The thing about Alex Glover doesn't seem to be true, most of the links have moved or are gone, and some of the information is plain wrong or questionable.)

Original Anime: VKLL's subs/ Original

VKLL, I used loosely, but now that I own the DVD's I don't really need him anymore. I also own all of the SuperS season's LD's as well as season 1-4 of the originals released by Pioneer, ADV, etc. Missing episodes from those boxes, I've seen at least 10 times.

Tokyopop/ Mixx Version of Sailor Moon: Tokyopop

I have all 18 of them, and further more, I edited volume 11 (Partially Volume 18). (Lizzy in that is not my fault!) I corrected several mistakes in the Tokyopop/ Mixx version. I was also the one that influenced Stu to make it *Stars* instead of Sailor Stars. (I have proof of that).

Dub-watching: Cartoon Network/ The WB

^^;; mostly notes on the characters. I also took notes of little details that most people don't know or watch for. Also the notes on how many names the ginzuishou had.. *sighs* what? was it 12? 13?


This is a girl with a really nice site. However, she shut down. I used her mostly for the Astrology stuff, though I did do some digging at and other places to verify her information.

Hitsuji's Information Gathering
  • Gathering information from the Mixx/ Tokyopop Manga.
  • The appearances and attacks of each of the characters down to page numbers from the manga.
  • I verified my sources with a Japanese dictionary, Japanese speakers, and the original manga and anime.
  • I questioned my sources by e-mail.
  • I took notes on both the manga and the anime.
  • I made the History of the characters down to the season (which no previous person had done. It contains my opinions.
  • I made a poem for my take on the character.
  • All stuff relating to the character designer and in the real world is mostly my research. (Save the seiyuu, VA, etc.)
  • Manga, Anime, Dub, and Fandom information was marked, separated, and organized by me. Or also known as making it MADC (Manga, Anime, Dub Correct)
  • Additional Notes

    I only used the height of Usagi and Setsuna and estimates I found from the fan books. I don't believe the rest of it because of the following reasons:

    1. They mention a blood type pluses and minuses which the manga never does.

    2. The information was not necessarily verified by Takeuchi-sensei and most likely were licensed, but not checked by either Takeuchi or Toei, and therefore were sold just for the money. (a sin)

    3. Some of the information found, does not match the series information or time line.

    4. The senshi could not be born on those years due to the fact that the anime spanned 5 years, and five seasons, but Usagi only aged 2 years in that time. (meaning it's a 5:3 ratio) which does not add up.

    5. Usagi said she was still growing, but girls tend to stop growing at around 16, but in that time she did not grow at all. While it is possible that she could grow an inch at thirty, it's very unlikely that she would grow more than that. The growth spurt usually starts at puberty.

    6. In the Materials Collection Usagi was said to be chubby, but somehow that never can be accounted for in the fan books.

    The cardinal rule of any website should be: When in doubt, check it out!

    Random Extra Notes:
    PGSM info was written by Mako-chan after watching the series and doing some intense research. Some of it is speculative (character development stuff) but that is how she perceived the show. She may change her mind or edit stuff out.

    Fanlistings are listed, if there is one current, for each of the characters as a matter of interest. We aren't endorsing the listings in anyway, nor did we create any of the listings ourselves. We aren't affiliated with any of the listings. It's just there to give an idea of fan bases for each character and also to provide a link if you want to join for any of the characters.

    Special Interest Notations on the Sailor Senshi

    It is interesting to note that besides Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus that all the senshi appear in the order of the planets. Cool Huh?

    Sun (Mamoru), Mercury (Ami), Venus (Minako), Earth (Mamoru), Moon (Usagi), Mars (Rei), Jupiter (Makoto)

    Senshi- soldier, warrior; seen as powerful "kick butt"

    Scout- little girls in a green uniform that earn merit badges and sell those mint wafers at your door. seen as wimpy, "do good deeds"

    Sailor- a person who is either on the sea, or in the navy. In the US navy the people wear a Sailor collar which was developed in the Victorian era for the Queen's sons. Later it was adopted in the 1950's for the majority of School uniforms in Japan (but not all).

  • The MADC (Manga, anime, and dub correct, Animanga Palace term) for this would be to use "soldier" or Sailor Since those are the only two terms that show up in all versions of Sailor Moon.

  • However if you want to be a purist, and MAC (Manga and Anime correct) "Senshi" would be the correct term.

  • If you want to look like a "dubbie" and fool everyone into thinking you are one, simply call the soldiers "scouts"

    Inner Senshi- This includes Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter. It should be noted that the term "Inner Senshi" is a fan term.

    Outer Senshi- This includes Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Saturn. It should be noted that the term "Outer Senshi" is a fan term.

    Asteroid Senshi- This includes Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta. It should be noted that the term "Asteroid Senshi" is a fan term.

    Kimokusei Senshi- This includes Sailor Kakyuu, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, and Sailor Star Maker."Kimokusei Senshi" is a fan term that not very well known where it originated, but would not do well under translation due to the pun that would be lost.

    Parallel Senshi- This term is used to coin the group that Parallel Sailormoon, Parallel Sailormercury, Parallel Sailorjupiter, Parallel Sailorvenus, Parallel Sailormars are in. The term was coined by Yumi of You'll have to ask her if she'll allow "scouts to the end. (I doubt it seriously)

    Sailor Quartet- This includes Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta.

    The Starlights- This includes Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, and Sailor Star Maker.

    The Starseed Gardeners- This includes Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi, and is a fan-made term.

    Desert River Senshi- This includes Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne and is a fan-made term.

    The Guardians- These are the protectors of the crystals and are often connected to their owners in their use or development of their power. These include Guardian Cosmos, Guardian Mercury, Guardian Mars, Guardian Venus, Guardian Jupiter, Guardian Uranus, Guardian Neptune, Guardian Pluto, Guardian Saturn, Luna, Artemis, Pegasus, and Diana.

  • The person who coined "Outer Senshi" and "Inner Senshi" is known, and therefore "Inner Scouts", "Outer Scouts" do not apply. "Asteroid Senshi" was made by Alex Glover and defined a little more by Hitsuji-chan.

  • It should be noted that there was a point in the anime when Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Saturn were noted as "the Senshi from the Outer Rim". But Jupiter is considered in that area since it is outside of the Asteroid belt by astronomers, but by astrologers it is not. Therefore the coining of the "Inner" and "outer" to the senshi.

  • Only "Sailor Quartet" (from the manga only) and Sailor Starlights are an official terms.

  • There is no Sailor Earth or Sailor Sun. The Earth is represented by Prince Endymion/ Tuxedo Kamen, but he is not considered a Sailor Senshi. He is a protector of the Earth. He is also said to represent the sun. (As said by Takeuchi-sensei at the 1998 San Diego Comic Con) This can be both seen with his astrological sign, Leo (which represents the sun, and the meaning of his name "Earth Protector"

  • It is POSSIBLE that the Elios / Helios represents the sun; as Helios is the sun god in Greek mythology.


    Usagi's / Princess Selenity's / Sailor Moon's Mission: She desires to protect the people she loves. She wants everyone to feel loved. She will protect the Earth at the cost of her life, which often goes again the Inner Senshi Mission. She loves the people of Earth as said in SM Sailorstars. She always wants to help. She has great love and hope as well as a fresh innocence to her that allows her to complete her missions and the determination to fight. She hates seeing people really fighting, and so this is why she tries her hardest to bring people together.

    The Inner Senshi's Mission: Their Primary Mission is to protect the Moon Princess. They deal with enemies that come to earth.

    Outer Senshi's Mission: Their Primary Mission is to the Moon Kingdom, not the Moon Princess. This includes the future of the Moon Kingdom as well as the Moon kingdom in it's present state. They deal with foreign invasion. They tend to be more drastic in what they do.

    The Outer Senshi mission changes when Sailor Saturn awakens in the 14th volume of the manga. (The Dream series in the manga) It changes to protecting the Moon Princess and the prince, but it's in the context of protecting the future of the Moon Kingdom.


    I'm not too sure on the accuracy of the leader ranking, since I've seen conflicting things all over the place, but I think I'm right. I know Pluto took leadership in SMS. Sailor Saturn in the manga ends up leading the Outer senshi in SMSS. In the anime Pluto takes the leadership and then seems to share it in the first section of stars (first 6 episodes) with Sailor Saturn. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune seem to be of equal rank and are partners rather than one ruling over the other.

    The Inner Senshi Leader ranking goes:

    1. Sailor Moon- undisputed.

    2. Sailor Venus- She often takes the leadership role in the anime, and in the manga she is explicitly placed in this position.

    3. Sailor Mars- in Materials Collection she was noted as "Sub-leader" lol, which may account for some of the anime plot where she said she wanted to be leader.

    4. Sailor Jupiter- She has to be above Mercury due Mercury's insecurity to lead, and often because Mercury likes being behind the scenes and Sailor Jupiter has a go-get-them attitude.

    5. Sailor Mercury- because she likes being the brains of the operation, not the operation itself.

    The Outer Senshi Ranking goes:

    1. Sailor Pluto- She was the leader when she first appeared in the Infinity manga. She also was the leader all through the anime. It's her insight into the future that does this.

    2. Sailor Saturn- She is the leader in the Dream manga, this was because she was given the mission.

    3. Sailor Neptune / Sailor Uranus- these two are partners, not either one of them has more ranking than the other. It was said several times that they were partners.


    In the order of awakening / awareness of being a senshi in this lifetime.

    Sailor Pluto- She is the oldest senshi as said in the Materials Collection, thousands of years old. (not the 900 or so that most fans pin her at)

    Sailor Neptune- In the anime she was said to be working long before Sailor V even came into existence, this is also indicated in the manga.

    Sailor Uranus- She awakened a few months after Sailor Neptune.

    Sailor Venus- A few years after Sailor Neptune, Artemis came to Minako and told her of her "true identity"

    Sailor Moon- a few years after Sailor Venus awakened, Sailor Moon got a visit from a strange black cat.

    Sailor Mercury- She met Usagi and then became Sailor Mercury.

    Sailor Mars- She met Usagi and Ami at Hikawa Jinga

    Sailor Jupiter- She met Usagi, Ami, and Rei at various places.

    Sailor Saturn- She was going to awaken earlier, and gain the experience she needed, but she was stopped by an accategory_ident (lab = anime, car crash = manga)

    Sailor Chibimoon- This contributes to her low power level, and awakened very late in the process. She wanted to become a senshi unlike her mother.

    Sailor Chibichibimoon (anime only)- She was the last to come in.

  • Sailor Chibichibi and Sailor Cosmos have an uncertain amount of experience points. Since according to the manga they came from the future, and the ginzinshou extends life, it's not clear how long this person has been fighting for.


    The power ratings are often debated. I have looked into sources for the manga, anime and looked only at those sources.

  • I have looked up and read various liner notes, watched all 200 episodes, and looked for quotes. I can substantiate any claims I make here and dispute anyone who claims them as wrong.

  • I discounted the fan books as being made for the sake of selling for money alone. There is no evidence what-so-ever that these fan books were made with the cooperation of either the anime staff at Toei or with the help of Takeuchi-sensei herself. Therefore there is a risk of having incorrect information and cannot be counted as an official source.

  • The outer senshi are much more powerful than the Inner Senshi. This is not clear if it's by sheer power or experience (see Experience Levels above)

  • Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon are exceptions to this ranking. It's hard to pinpoint how much power they actually have, though it is clear that they can channel all of the senshi's power and use it (as seen in both the manga and the anime).

  • Power levels are also tainted by experience points and how much they can control the power that they are given. In this case I see the power to control the power you are given as more important than the sheer destructive force. This is also a very Eastern Asian view point, so therefore I am in my rights to do so.

    Don't ask me about how the Sailor Quartet or the Sailor Starlights fit in.. there was no indication in either media of rankings on this.

    1. Sailor Moon- undisputed. It's called Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, after all.. duchy.. Her greatest power is to channel all the other energies from the other senshi, which takes a great deal of control, and therefore in Eastern thought, it would put her at the top. You must learn discipline before force.

    2. Sailor Chibimoon- in potential, she is only in training, bottom if not counting sheer potential. She will someday be the next Sailor Moon. Her power does grow as the story line goes on. She is limited only in the amount of power she is allowed to wield and is still learning!

    3. Sailor Saturn- She can destroy the Galaxy after all. She's sometimes called the most powerful in raw power, but if she can't channel and control it as Sailor Moon can. (She was stopped by Sailor Moon in the 10th volume of the manga and therefore goes below the moon family)

    4. Sailor Pluto- in my mind at least she can stop time.. and often sacrifices her life to do it. Isn't that enough?

    5. Sailor Uranus / Sailor Neptune- haven't seen them ranked, but they are said to be above the Inner Senshi and are partners in power. While Sailor Neptune has in experience, she lacks in coldness and initiative. Sailor Uranus has the coldness and the initiative that Sailor Neptune lacks, and the ruthlessness that sometimes Sailor Neptune can't handle. (Also Sailor Neptune has some things that Haruka can never handle too. Brains play a role in this ya know!)

    6. Sailor Mars- as sited in the second to last episode of the Japanese series SM, no dispute on the matter.

    7. Sailor Jupiter- She's usually told in this position though I bet it could be contended. She does have the most destructive force of the Inners, but she often lacks the brains that goes behind her actions, and therefore could be easily usurped by either Venus or Mercury.

    8. Sailor Venus- because Sailor Mercury is the weakest, so therefore she has to fit here.

    9. Sailor Mercury- she said she was the weakest of the senshi, but she makes up for it with brains. (which makes her easily switch off with the rest of the senshi as long as she is determined and doesn't hide and get so insecure.)

    10. Tuxedo Mask- he usually uses distraction.. though if you count the Golden Crystal, (especially in the manga, he was supposed to wield it.. *sigh*) He could be seen as ranking just below the double moon. (Just because of lack of experience with it, if he did have experience with it, it could probably almost rival the ginzinshou, though I do not want to be there to test that out..)