Silly Sailormoon FAQ

This version of the FAQ has questions that I see over and over again, but never get answered. All questions are answered within the Context of the Sailormoon Universe. It goes along with Celestial Luminary. Some things in this FAQ some may consider subjective.

Why Doesn't Usagi Get Fat?

First, Usagi is said to be chubbier than the other senshi relative to her height and frame. But then why she doesn't look like a pig, well... I found several possible answers to this besides she's an animated character.

Explanation 1: Practical
Remember she's always late in the morning and usually almost gets in time for the bell. From the looks of it is at least five blocks of running, and very long blocks with turns and stuff like that. You can't even see her school from the house and that's one tall bell tower! She basically runs every morning. Subtract the calories. Because of this she rarely eats breakfast either. It's hard to run at top speed and eat!

She's always late to Rei's temple too. They expect it of her. She runs there after detention. She also runs to her dates with Mamoru, runs to the bus, running after Chibiusa, running trying to find Chibiusa, now think about it that's tons of calories to burn. That must burn most of the calories she eats at lunch. She also tends not to eat breakfast and also forgets her lunch frequently. This would explain her binging. She also puts a lot of energy in into the actual act of eating. She crams her mouth and flails her arms. She does sleep a lot too, but not as much as she would like to. She mostly plays video games, shops, and runs around when she isn't after a guy, or stuffing her face.

They burn energy fast! Teenagers tend to have a very high metabolism, especially ones like Usagi have a really big metabolism. She is still growing at age 14.

She could also burn just by the way she talks. In the DiC episode where Lita chased Alan, Usagi forgot her lunch. Luna said after she got her food , "She eats so much to run that motor mouth of hers." Indeed this is true, Jill Frappier (voice of Luna) said (according to an NA voice actors page) that she often sees Traci Hoyt (voice for Serena) gapping her mouth just as wide as Serena to voice her lines. After all Mitsuishi Kotono had to energize at first, just to do what Takeuchi Naoko calls the perfect Usagi voice. Imagine it in the fictional Usagi and all her crying and there goes at least a thousand a day.

A More Mystical solution:

Then the long involved answer. It's possible that she doesn't get fat because of the Mystical Silver Crystal. It has healing properties and is not fully understood. It is part of her body so it could heal her of all the weight she gains, though this could be discounted with the third Japanese Episode. But then again think about it, she hadn't gotten it yet. It was still inside her body. With the awakening as a soldier it could have stirred it up a bit. She hadn't learned by then how to use it to heal people yet. She wasn't a full soldier yet, so therefore that would explain her at least for SMS and SMSS and SMSailorstars and on.

By night she must burn a lot of calories fighting the enemy. She burns some transforming (she does all those motions in seconds when transforming. Try hitting fast forward to get a sense of the real time it takes.) She also burns tons of energy when she fights with the crystal and wands. (sighted in the NA episodes Tuxedo Unmasked and Rubeus Strikes out) The other senshi burn calories this way, too. They use their own energy to transport and to fight.

What's the Gripe Against DiC?

Mainly the bad translations. They have gained some of their reputation back though by making a deal with Pioneer.

Why does DiC do so many bad dubs?

I would guess the translators aren't very familiar with the audience that they are marketing to. It seems that they are bored of translating word for word. The slip about the princess (A Crystal Clear Destiny) also shows that they also want to show that they know about Sailor Moon in Japan. They've done this several times. Though some of the changing of the words is a little strange. Some of the changes seem to have no bad connotations on either the Japanese or censorship reasons front. There are things such as changing a carrot into a potato and changing the title of the Mystical Silver crystal into as many variations they could heavenly make. The rest of the changes falls under censorship or Japanese culture, though they aren't very consistent about this either.

It should be noted not all of the episodes are bad and the episodes have been improving with time, though they aren't perfect yet. They also tend to vary depending on the translator.

Why is SOS seen in such bad light?

They are very immature in their actions. They have posted numerous mistakes in information, and then claim that they never made a mistake. Such incidents as Prince Uranus, the Pop Tarts Campaign, Buy Luna-P, Takeuchi-sensei doesn't want fan mail (they didn't have her address), are all examples of such behavior.

They say that they represent ALL of the Sailormoon fans to companies, and in turn tell fans that they have connections to companies, such as Bandai, Irwin, Tokyopop, etc. It is clear that they don't do research, and are very selfish at times. When they don't get their way, they flame the companies, and then tell the fans to as well. The news is never current, and the website design is atrocious. There is an endless Midi that plays on their site. They also scroll forever. This is not even the worst of their offenses. They simply won't acknowledge the relationship between Michiru and Haruka. They won't say the following sentence on their site: "Haruka and Michiru are homosexual in a stable relationship."

On a side note, I know this is wrong, but I nickname them Serve OurSelves.

Why is Mixx Entertainment/Tokyopop hated?

Back in 1998 when Mixx brought over Takeuchi-sensei for San Diego Comic Con rumors began to fly. Mainly perpetuated by SOS (remember, Serve Ourselves).

Rumors such as Takeuchi-sensei was not treated right, that Stuart Levy, the CEO of Tokyopop, was taking the merchandise from the fans for himself, etc. Again, all written by SOS. *ahem*

Most of the people at that time hadn't even been near the convention. So, what I, Hitsuji, did personally was track down people that were at the convention, and asked them what it was like.

The majority of the reports I got were favorable. A few fans wanted to attend the signing AND the panel, but it was impossible due to Takeuchi-sensei's schedule. Once they found out later, they were very understanding, and seemed to have a lot of fun.

I did contact SOS, since they were the ones that started the rumor (this was when they would still e-mail me, I saved those e-mails.) They claimed that Stuart Levy *grabbed* the merchandise. So I asked Stuart Levy. He said that they had to work quickly. (Takeuchi-sensei had a plane to catch and had to go to another convention with her Husband). He regretted it. Also, SOS claimed that he bought a piece of fan merchandise for Takeuchi-sensei since a fan was selling it. (This was rather rude of the fan to *sell* it to the creator.) So, he thought it was rude, and bought it for her. Now, SOS said in Japanese society that this is rude (to buy something for someone else.) I asked them for their source. Their source didn't speak an ounce of English. I also have to point out that neither party in the transaction was put off by it. In addition, Mamoru buys stuff for Usagi all the time. Since Stuart Levy was hosting Takeuchi-sensei, it is reasonable that he could buy something for her. I've also checked with Japanese friends, and people who have lived there, they say that this statement is false, and they have no idea here SOS gets it. O.o;

This does not mean that Mixx is entirely innocent. They have done some rotten things, and are fully willing to admit it and give their reasons why, unlike another SM community organization we know. They have done rotten translations as well.

The full report on these two organizations can be found both on Sailor Moon 101 and on the Sailor Moon Manga FAQ

Where can I get the Sailormoon Manga?

The best place for prices I've found is They have other great manga too. There are other places on the Internet as well, check out Kinokuniya, and Asahiya. They both have branches in the US, and will carry the shinsouban, and some of the original Sailormoon manga. If you can't go to their major locations, see if you have a friend that lives near one that would be willing to ship it to you.

What is the relationship between Haruka and Michiru?

Haruka (girl, never a prince, a former claim of SOS) is involved with Michiru (also a female). They are very close. Though they never kiss or sleep in the same room, it is implied that they have a very intense relationship. i.e. yes, they are homosexual (Takeuchi-sensei said that they were point blank so that is it).

For those who don't believe my claim about the "Prince Uranus" issue, here are a few manga pictures I scanned of Uranus. They are from the ORIGINAL manga. So therefore they read right to left, if you are at all interested.

From Volume 15

*ahem* I hope that clears things up once and for all.

Is anybody else homosexual?

No more of the senshi are, but there are more characters. It is said that Zoicite and Kunsite had a relationship going, but that was only in the Japanese anime. Zoicite was a he both in the original (and Mixx) manga. Then in the anime he was made to have a care for Kunsite, then in the NA dub he was turned into a very flat chested she. *HA!*

The other one happens in Sailorstars. But that's only indicated. You have to wait to find out.

Why are there homosexuals in the manga and anime?

I'll give the short answer here to see the extensive answer follow this link to my Manga and Anime FAQ.

It usually shows only in Bishoujo (Beautiful Girl, what Sailor Moon is) and Bishounen (Beautiful boy) categories both under shojo (girls' manga).

It mostly has to do with the culture that Japan has. They are not any more or less excepting of these groups than they are in America. They have just as a hard time as they do in the United States. It should be noted though that they see nothing wrong with putting it into their literature. (we shouldn't either.)

The culture in Japan includes a lot of reclusive people. The line between men and women is very wide compared to that of America. This lasts even through marriage. The opposite sex often stays a mystery and it seems hard to connect. So they dream of having no barriers of this kind between them where they understand each other.

Why is there no Sailor Moon in the past?

All Hail the power of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou! It can make a Sailor Soldier out of you! Apparently, since Usagi carried the Ginzuishou in the current time, in the past, when her boyfriend, Endymion died at the hands of Queen Beryl and she was helpless, she wished she could protect him. This is a strong theme in the first set of Sailormoon manga, and threaded a bit in the anime. When she turned the sword on herself, it was in despair of her love, as well as her not being able to protect the man she loved. Thus, in present time, she is Sailor Moon. Conversely, according to the manga, Tuxedo Mask was originally meant to be Mamoru dressing up looking for the Ginzuishou. It only later (when Tohru-san adlibbed, and takeuchi-sensei was delighted), became a half-transformation. O.o;; Also Tuxie buys all his own roses according to one funny voice tape set, written by Takeuchi-sensei....

What makes up a Sailor Soldier?

According to the manga (the best resource for this info) it is:
1. A Girl
2. fight for justice and peace and for loved ones and friends.

That does not count in the anime. They never really define it, but Takeuchi-sensei does. She says that it must be a girl! This shows as proof in the manga when Usagi thinks for a second that Haruka (who she thought was a man) could be a Sailor Soldier, but discounted it immediately upon thought. Tuxedo Kamen is another issue. He is a senshi according to the Princess herself, but he is most certainly NOT a Sailor Senshi. He represents the Sun and the Earth.

Can I be a Sailor Soldier?

Oh sure, just get yourself one of the following things:
A Henshin pen
A Henshin stick
A guardian of some kind
A Star seed (anime only)
A Sailor Crystal (manga only)

If you have any of those things (and they work) plus you have your own planet (not bought, but are a part of the planet and it must be inclusive to one of the items above) count yourself among the elite, just remember that you have to be a girl and you have to fight on a moment's notice and be able to fight for peace and justice for your friends. Oh yeah, you have to be willing to wear tight suits and be naked for a few seconds (transforming). Other than that, I think you can succeed.

What is a Star Seed?

All people have them it is like a soul. The special ones form into Sailor Crystals. If you want to see yours I wouldn't recommend it, You'll most likely die trying.


Who is this Chibichibi?

We don't really know by the end of the manga. Here's what happened to this kid's identity:
She gave Sailor Moon a weird look when Sailor Moon asked her if they should tag a moon on the end of Sailor Chibichibi (an mistake the anime makes)
She tricked Ikuko-mama and co into thinking she was Usagi's sister, but never really claimed a family name. So Tsukino Chibichibi is only when she stays with Usagi's Family, we don't know her real Family name (yet another mistake of the anime)
-She was speculated to be Chibiusa's sister, but that was discounted too with Sailor Vesta saying that the Queens of the Silver Millennium can only have one child, Sailor Pallas and Sailor Juno confirm it.
-She then grows older and turns into Sailor Cosmos with the Cosmos crystal, She was asked if she was Sailor Moon's final form, she denied it and said that she was a coward.
-Sailor Cosmos said that she wasn't the true Sailor Cosmos, that Sailor Moon was and that once she gained the same courage to stand alone and fight, then she would be the true Sailor Cosmos, but she never claimed the title back, so therefore Sailor Moon has a subtitle of Sailor Cosmos.

Confusing ain't it? In the anime they skipped all of that stuff and called her Galaxia's Star seed (probably spun circles around them too), which is completely contrived and very confusing. It makes no sense since in the manga Sailor Galaxia's Crystal is defined as the Sapphire Crystal. So who is Chibichibi? Well, here's another list of clues, but nothing is really definitely said.

Chibichibi carries around tons of usagi (rabbits) she has a rabbit toy that she drags along with her. (who does this sound like, but our other two moon heroines..)
She carries a scepter-only the Silver Millennium descendants carry a scepter in the manga. (takes a bit of observation)
She (as Sailor Cosmos) says that she was blessed with Eternal Sailor Moon's power.
She lives in the Tsukino house as Chibiusa did.

This makes me think she is indeed related to the Silver Millennium plus the fact that she said she was a coward (sorta like Sailor Moon in the early days). But since nothing concrete is said to that effect the question remains who is this pink-haired girl?

Though there is a theory also that she is a future version of Sailor Moon. There are many theories, the one I support is that she is the final form Sailor Moon, but not Usagi. (This I can support with the ENTIRE manga and not just Stars). I entertain all theories as long as they can be supported with volume/act/page numbers from the Japanese manga.


How does that time line work in Sailor Moon?

I'll present the time theory I know works best, without dismissal of any of the facts. The Tarot card credo time theory. One of the most tricky, but one that works perfectly well, and is well founded, since Takeuchi-sensei loves new age things. *shrugs*

This theory goes, that everything is in a time stream, but that stream is mutable. It can change at anytime in the course of the events. There is no loop in the time stream, it goes only in one direction, however that direction of events is always subject to change.

Oddly enough, this time theory works for the anime too, but since this is the manga forum, I'll cover some things about the theory.

This theory would go that the Chibiusa that we see, is not necessarily present Usagi's child. Instead, it is a potential for what she will look like and be based on the course of the current events and factors that could lead to that final result.

So the Neo-Queen Serenity is only a possibility of what Usagi COULD become, but not necessarily what she WILL become.

So, therefore, the thing where Neo-Queen Serenity says that it might effect the past, would still be a true statement, however this time stream also allows for change, so when the Sailor Senshi in the past lose their physical bodies, and separate from their Sailor Crystals, the ones in the future do too.

This also means that the Neo-Queen Serenity of the future, would not necessarily be mean to her child. She might not even know that the Usagi in the story from the past is coming, because, her past is not necessarily that of Usagi's and since for her it's the first time around, and this Usagi never met that Neo Queen Serenity, no other possibility really exists, thus, with a time stream that moves only forward, and not back, it's possible that Neo-Queen Serenity doesn't know Chibiusa will be sent to the past. Thus both time lines are both independent and intertwined.. ^^;;

A bit complex, but fun too. It's also a great way to create suspense, etc., and a time theory that some mangaka seem to share, such a variation is in DBGT, and Himechan no Ribbon.

This is the most plausible one I can think of, and has the most support to it. *shrugs* The time loop theory just makes no sense to me and means a set destiny. I dislike that idea. So this one is a bit more pleasing.

The other option is that at a certain point in that long life of theirs they forgot because it was so peaceful, but this make no sense what so ever.

But in either case it make no sense at all!

What do you mean time starts again in the manga?

In the manga, it is clearly stated that time starts over for Earth, and the surrounding planets.

Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus tell the tale. They used to watch the Moon Kingdom from afar, on separate planets. They never were to go near there. [Image 1] One day they saw that the moon Kingdom was falling apart, [Image 2] so, in desperation, they gathered together, summoning Sailor Saturn. [Image 3]. Sailor Saturn is the destroyer of planets. So, what she did was to destroy all of the planets in the Solar system, including Earth, which means that the solar system, in effect had all of its evolution erased. When it had it erased, time for this solar system, in effect, started all over again. [Image 4] They later claim it was a mistake, and they don't want it repeated again.

Therefore, the Silver Millennium, did not start a thousand years ago, it started outside of what we mark as time. There are other things to support this as well, such as the rules of the Solar System being that the Moon should look over the evolution of the Earth, that there were civilizations on Mars, Venus, etc, but there are none now. Most of all that the ANIME, not the dub, says that it was a long time ago. It also is stated by Sailor Saturn in the Anime, when facing Queen Nehelenia. She says she is not afraid to start things over again. However, Sailor Moon says that she doesn't want that, and she wants to live THIS live as it is now.

Is Queen Nehelenia the Sister to Queen Serenity?

The confusion comes from when Queen Nehelenia says that in a past flashback that they come from the same place. However, this is not to say they have the same parents, or the same mother. If there are two people from Japan, and they come to the United States, it does not mean that they are related.

Rather, this is a reference to what transpires later in the manga. This means that Queen Nehelenia and Queen Selenity BOTH came from the Galaxy Cauldron. This is again supported by Guardian Cosmos, when she said that they cast from her chest a starseed much like Sailormoon's (meaning Usagi's, specifically). It also is stated that Queen Nehelenia is an incarnation of the Chaos Starseed, and therefore, it's clear she came from the cauldron as well. This is what Queen Nehelenia was referring to.

How is Ami Pronounced?

Ken's FAQ says that "Ami" is pronounced differently for "Amy", but doesn't tell how. For those of you that know French Ami is pronounce-yes that's right like "ami" as in "friend". For those who don't speak French I know Ami would tell the American Amy that her name is Mizuno Ami. that's (Mee-zoo (as it's a "zoo" in there)-nou "A" as in "father"-mee)

As for the other senshi, tough luck you never asked that!

How are the other Senshi names pronounced?

You would save me a lot of trouble if you just went to the Japanese culture section and then read the stuff on the Japanese language basics. Don't put any emphasis on any of the syllables.
Tsukino Usagi (tsu- try running the "ts" together and make it sound a bit like "Tusk" without the k then simply at a short "u" ki as in "key", nou) (U (as in "oooo" he's going to get in trouble!!! sa (as in "Sa"lly) gee (hard g as in "garage" NOT as in gem + ee)
Hino Rei (Hee-nou Raye (as in a ray of sunshine))
Kino Makoto (key-nou Ma-kou-tou)
Aino Minako (long I-nou Mee-na-kou)
Tsukino Chibiusa (also Chibi Usa Chibiusa and ChibiUsa) (tsu- try running the "ts" together and make it sound a bit like "Tusk" without the k then simply at a short "u" ki as in "key", nou) Chibi (chee-bee) Usa (U (as in "oooo" he's going to get in trouble!!! sa (as in "Sa"lly))
Chiba Mamoru (Chee-ba (as in the sound a sheep makes) Ma-mo-ru (as in it's a "ru"se)
Kaioh (also "Kaiou") Michiru
Tenoh (also "Ten'ou") Haruka
Meioh (also "Meiou") Setsuna
Tomoe Hotaru

Who are the Asteroid Senshi/Sailor Quartet?

They are the senshi that previously made up the Amazoness Quartet. They only show up in the manga in their senshi forms. The Identities go:

Cerecere ---> Sailor Ceres
Junjun ---> Sailor Juno
Vesves ---> Sailor Vesta
Palapalla* ---> Sailor Pallas
*Can also be Parapara and is pronounced closer to Parapara.
They only have group attacks which are: They are also based in mythology on the Greek and Roman goddesses:

Name Goddess of Sigils Comes from
Ceres harvest/seasons Wheat or Barley Roman
Juno Married Women pomegranate and peacock Roman
Vesta Hearth NONE listed in source Roman
Pallas Wisdom in War; weaving owl and the olive tree Early Greek

Cerecere was the equal to Venus (therefore she is the leader as Venus was to the Inner senshi, which I can find evidence for.)
Junjun was equal to Jupiter
Vesves was equal to Mars
Pallapalla was equal to Mercury

What Gods are the senshi based on?

In the manga the mythology is much stronger than in the anime.

Name God[dess] of Title Sigils Origin
Venus Love and Beauty The Goddess of Love and Beauty roses, dolphins, sparrows, doves and rams Roman
Jupiter Lightning and Thunder/heavens The King of the Gods thunderbolt, eagle, oak tree Roman
Mars War The God of War Dogs, Vultures, Burning Torch, spear Roman
Mercury Travellers, thieves, muses* Messenger of the Gods winged hat, winged sandals, carried staff** Roman
Saturn Time Father of the gods scythe Roman
Pluto Death/Underworld King of the Dead Gold Chariot with Black horses Roman
Uranus Sky King of the Sky ??? Greek
Neptune the sea King of the Sea trident, dolphins, horses Roman
Selene Moon Goddess of the moon Cypress trees, deer, dogs Very Early Greek
Artemis Moon, Amazons, young girls, Golden Hind, pregnant women Goddess of the Hunt Cypress trees, deer, dogs Late Greek
Luna Goddess of the Moon ??? ??? Middle Greek
Diana Moon, Amazons, young girls, Golden Hind, pregnant women Goddess of the Hunt Cypress trees, deer, dogs Roman
Gaea Earth "Mother" ? Greek
Name God/Goddess of Title Sigils Comes from
Name God/Goddess of Title Sigils Comes from
Name God/Goddess of Title Sigils Comes from

*said to have invented the Lyre, alphabet, mathematics, astronomy and boxing.

**Looks an awful like the one used in medical practice. ^_-

If you can think of any other questions e-mail me.