Jadeite and Jadeite General Gem Information:
Jadeite is one of two minerals commonly known as Jade (the other is Nephrite). Jadeite is a stone composed of Sodium Aluminum Iron Silicate and is typically recognized as green but can vary in color from green, gray-green, white, pale blue-gray, yellow, pink or pale purple. Even if the color isn't uniform, Jadeite may still have a surprising value if it has good transparency.

Other Properties:
Jadeite is known for its healing properties, especially with kidney disorders as well as helping with larynx, heart, spleen, liver, thyroid, and general strength within the body. It can also help to calm the mind, create wisdom, harmony and devotion to a higher purpose. It also helps to create emotional release while the bearer is dreaming.

Notations on Wearing Jadeite:
It is most effective when placed on the throat or around the area the wearer plans to sleep.

Links between Jadeite and Jadeite of the Shittenou:
Jadeite is fiercely loyal to Queen Beryl, particularly in PGSM which could be a nod to the devotion to a higher purpose or goal. In the manga, Nephrite and Jadeite do not get along particularly well, and bicker often. However, when Jadeite is destroyed by Sailor Mars, Nephrite is enraged and vows revenge. This could be due to the fact that these two are very closely related in gemology.

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