Sapphire and Saffiru General Gem Information: Sapphires are non-red corundum and comes in a variety of colors, but are famously known as blue stones. Red corundum is Ruby. It is the second hardest natural mineral known to man. Sapphire is made out of aluminum-oxide and is therefore the 'rust' from aluminum or aluminum objects.

Other Properties:
Sapphires are considered the gem of destiny. They bring out the best qualities within people and help to make dreams and desires come true. They are associated with good luck in romance and bring peace and happiness. Sapphires relieve mental depression or distress and stimulates motivation to accomplish goals. It helps with heart and stomach, stimulation of the pituitary glands, eyesight, reduces fever, and nose bleeds. It helps mental health and increases the psychic centers in the brain.

Notations on Wearing Sapphire:
It is considered a modern birthstone for the signs Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, and Sagittarius. It is also the mystical birthstone for the month of May and the planetary stone of October. Astrologists particularly recommend wearing sapphires to Virgos.

Links between Sapphire and Saffiru:
Saffiru was second in command to Demando, which could be a slight show of natural power- diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and sapphires are the second hardest. In the anime, Saffiru is more down to earth than his brother and possesses enough mental clarity to understand the dangers posed by Wiseman.