Spirited Shrine Maiden
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Introduction to Hino Rei's Shrine:
About This Shrine:
I want to focus on the Rei that a lot of us forget: The Shrine Maiden. The beautiful Miko of the manga, and not the anime stereotype of the dear friend of Usagi. [The angry heated person being best friends with the flake-crybaby is very common in anime.] Rei, expecially in the manga, is a graceful and beautiful. Thus I present Spirited Shrine Maiden.

Navigating the Shrine:
Fire Beauty - About Rei, her personality, who she is, and how she interacts.
Fire Soul - Images of Rei from the manga, anime, and PGSM.
Captured Image - Fan Artwork
Miko Answers - Questions we want to ask Rei, or about Rei.
Psychic Insight - Into her abilities and meanings within
Shinto Densetsu - History of Shinto past
Fire River Shrine - Why we love her

Recent Updates:
April 19, 2009:
Happy (belated) Birthday, Rei-sama! I had hoped on getting this shrine's face-lift up a bit sooner, but alas, I ended up a couple days late. The new layout features Rei's secondary color, lavendar... it matches both her Sailor bows and her eyes!
This is still in desparate need of additional content (there isn't anything here yet...) so hopefully that will come next and sooner than before (even if it's always birthday updates, it's sooner than before... lol)
- Mako-chan