Usagi is the main character of the show called Sailor Moon. But I want to show her as she is as Usagi. A fun-loving sometimes lazy girl. The following is poem.

Before the Senshi Life
Before she became a fighter of Love and Justice

Now Living for the Present
Face the time of Usagi and not Sailor Moon

Images in a Mirror
Seeing herself on TV in books

Portrait of the Rabbit
with only the best drawings by fans

Asking Questions of Usagi
For those who don't know the good-hearted flake.

Jumping Personality
preceiving herself in manga and anime

Silver Splinters of Power
Special powers in crystal and in heart

Rabbit Hiding Secrets
See her background unfold in stories told

Many Bow Down to Usagi's Feet
Guiding you on your way to the best of her shrines

Enjoy your ride, take a seat
for the Rabbit Moon Princess will warm your heart.