Volume 11
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Date Published: 1995

Containing Acts: The Lover of Princess Kaguya; Casablanca Memory

Important Story Moments:
The Lover of Princess Kaguya

  • First appearance of Kakeru [p. 3]
  • First glimpse of Princess Snow Kaguya [p.7]
  • Luna is assaulted by some kids who cover her crescent bald spot with band-aids [p.9-10]
  • Luna is rescued by Kakeru [p.11-12]
  • First appearance of Himeko [p.14]
  • First mention of the comet 'Princess Snow Kaguya' [p.19]
  • The comet is suspected of colliding with the earth [p.19]
  • Luna kisses Kakeru ♥ [p.44]
  • First full body appearance of Princess Snow Kaguya [p.64]
  • Luna wishes she were human [p.86]
  • Princess Snow Kaguya explains her origins [p.100-101]
  • First appearance of the Snow Dancers [p.103]
  • Sailor Chibimoon and Tuxedo Kamen perform 'Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack!' [p. 112]
  • Super Sailormoon kills Princess Snow Kaguya with 'Rainbow Moon Heartache!!' [p.117-120]
  • Super Sailormoon uses the Holy Chalice to transform Luna into a human [p.124-125]
  • Casablanca Memory

  • Rei is given Casablanca lilies and a white dress from her father for her birthday [p.148]
  • Rei is given a music box from her friends for her birthday [p.148]
  • Rei visits Makoto to find her in a trance from a music box [p.164]
  • Rei smashes the music box, breaking the trance [p.164]
  • Rei transforms into Mars with 'Mars Power, Make Up!' [p.165-166]
  • Rei kisses Kaido [p.168]
  • Zoisite is revealed to be behind the music boxes [p.170]
  • Sailor Mars ends Zoisite's scheme with 'Aku ryo taisan!' [p.173]
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