Volume 16
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
Volume 16 front cover Volume 16 Spine Volume 16 back cover Volume 16 front cover flap Volume 16 Back cover flap Volume 16 Poster

Date Published: 1996

Containing Acts: 43-45

Important Story Moments:
Act 43, 'Stars 1'

  • First appearance of Sailor Galaxia [p.9]
  • First appearance of the Three Lights [p.17]
  • Mamoru gives Usagi a ring [p.23-24]
  • Mamoru's Sailor Crystal is taken by Galaxia, killing him [p.26-27]
  • Chibiusa returns to the future, her training complete [p.36]
  • First appearance of Sailor Iron Mouse [p.42]
  • Sailor Iron Mouse uses 'Galactica Crunch!!' [p.48]
  • Sailor Uranus first uses 'Space Turbulence!!' [p.48]
  • Sailor Neptune first uses 'Submarine Violin Tide!!' [p.48]
  • First appearance of Sailor Star Healer [p.49]
  • Sailor Star Healer first uses 'Star Sensitive Inferno!' [p.49]
  • Sailor Iron Mouse dies [p.49]
  • First appearance of Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker [p.50]
  • Act 44, 'Stars 2'

  • First appearance of Chibichibi [p.59-60]
  • First appearance of Princess Kakyuu [p.60]
  • The Three Lights go to school at Minato-ku Juuban High School [p.70-71]
  • First appearance of Sailor Aluminum Siren [p.81]
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren uses 'Galactica Tsunami!!' [p.87]
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren kills Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury [p.92-93]
  • Taiki transforms with 'Maker Star Power, Make Up!' [p.94]
  • Seiya transforms with 'Fighter Star Power, Make Up!' [p.94]
  • Yaten transforms with 'Sailor Star Power, Make Up!' [sic by Nakayoshi] [p.94]
  • Sailor Star Fighter first uses 'Star Serious Laser!!!' [p.95-96]
  • Sailor Star Maker first uses 'Star Gentle Uterus!' [p.96]
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren dies [p.96]
  • The Sailor Star Lights introduce themselves [p.97-98]
  • Act 45, 'Stars 3'

  • First appearance of Sailor Phi [p.122]
  • First appearance of Sailor Lead Crow [p.124]
  • Only appearance of Sailor Coronis [p.138]
  • Sailor Lead Crow uses 'Galactica Tornado!' [p.139]
  • Sailor Lead Crow kills Phobos and Deimos [p.141]
  • Sailor Lead Crow dies [p.142]
  • Sailor Galaxia kills Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus [p.143]
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all go to their planet's castles to help seal the solar system from outside attacks[p.155]
  • First appearance of Sailor Tin Nyanko [p.164]
  • Sailor Galaxia kills Sailor Pluto [p.173]
  • Hotaru fades away [p.174]
  • Princess Kakyuu reveals herself [p.179-180]
  • .