Volume 17
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Date Published: 1996

Containing Acts: 46-48; Chibiusa's Picture Diary #4 - The Story of the Hammer Price Shrine

Important Story Moments:
Act 46, 'Stars 4'

  • Chibichibi transforms with 'C Chibichibi Crystal Power! Make Up!!' [p.9]
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko attacks with 'Galactic a Puppet!' [p.12]
  • Luna, Artemis, and Diana are attacked by Tin Nyanko and their crescent marks are damaged, turning them into normal cats [p.16-20]
  • Sailor Starfighter attacks Tin Nyanko with 'Star Serious Laser!!', making Tin Nyanko flee [p.21-22]
  • Princess Kakyuu reveals her back-story to Usagi [p.23-30]
  • Usagi finds a Sailor Crystal and Galaxia confronts her [p.42-48]
  • Act 47, 'Stars 5'

  • Galaxia reveals that Sailor Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are dead [p.52]
  • Sailor Galaxia attempts to take Usagi's Sailor Crystal, but is stopped by Chibichibi [p.55-58]
  • Galaxia's back-story is revealed, including her encounter with Wiseman [p.60-63]
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko comes back to Zero Star Sagittarius and Galaxia removes her bracelets, killing her [p.65-66]
  • Act 48, 'Stars 6'

  • Eternal Sailormoon, Sailor Chibichibi, Princess Kakyuu and the Sailor Starlights travel to Zero Star Sagittarius [p.96- 97]
  • First appearance of Sailor Lethe [p.99]
  • Sailormoon forgets everything while on the river [p.100]
  • Sailor Lethe kills Luna, Artemis, and Diana [p.104]
  • Meanwhile, in the future, the Moon Cats fall ill due to the timeline change [p.105]
  • Princess Small Lady Selenity decides she is going to go back to the past and help [p.109-110]
  • Princess Small Lady Selenity first transforms with 'Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!!' [p.110]
  • Sailor Chibimoon and the Sailor Quartet leave for the past [p.112]
  • Sailor Lethe attacks Usagi [p.114]
  • First appearance of Sailor Mnemosyne [p.114]
  • Sailor Mnemosyne stops Sailor Lethe just as she is about to take Usagi's sailor crystal [p.116]
  • Sailor Mnemosyne pulls the sailors out of the river and recovers their memories [p.118-119]
  • Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne reveals their back-story [p.120-123]
  • Sailor Phi attacks and kills Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne [p.126-127]
  • Sailor Chi and Phi attack and kill the Sailor Starlights [p.128-129]
  • Chibiusa's Picture Diary #4 - The Story of the Hammer Price Shrine

  • First appearance of Osaka Naruru and Kobe Ruruna [p.134]
  • The girls decide to go shopping at Hammer Price Shrine [p.137]
  • Some men are rude to the shop owner [p.138]
  • The rude men are trying to close the shop [p.148]
  • Naruru and Ruruna are almost hit by a truck, but saved by the tubby shopkeeper [p.148-149]
  • First appearance of Otakura, who possesses Hotaru [p.152]
  • First appearance of Sailor Channel and Sailor Guccicci [p.155-156]
  • Sailor Channel and Guccicci use 'Super White Kick' [p.157]
  • First appearance of Tubby Kamen [p.160]
  • Eternal Sailormoon and Sailor Chibimoon kill Otakura with Star light Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss!' [p.162]
  • The Hammer Price Shrine collapses, and a new one that is much larger is built in its place [p.165]
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