Volume 3
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1992

Containing Acts: 10 - 12

Important Story Moments:
Act 10, 'Moon - Tsuki'

  • The first Sailor Teleport is performed; destination: the Moon [p.15-16]
  • The Sailors discover the ruins on the Moon [p.20]
  • The Inner Senshi discover and pull out their sword from the pedestal in the ruins [p.21-22]
  • First appearance of Queen Selenity [p.22]
  • Queen Selenity explains the Moon Kingdom's history [p.24-27]
  • The deal that the Shittenou made in this life is revealed, Kunzite gains a dark gem mark upon his head [p.38-39]
  • The first "Sailor Planet Attack!!" is executed [p.46]
  • Kunzite dies from the Sailor Planet Attack, his body becomes a stone [p.46]
  • Queen Beryl revives Tuxedo Kamen, but he is brainwashed and evil [p.48]
  • Act 11, 'Saikai - Endymion'

  • Evil Endymion brainwashes Motoki into thinking he is his good friend "Endo" [p.58]
  • First appearance of Reika [p.59]
  • The material make-up of the sword is examined a bit more, it is made of poisonous stone [p.64-65]
  • Usagi enters the Crown Arcade only to discover Mamoru staring back at her- only using a different name [p.69-70]
  • Evil Endymion controls Makoto to help him get the ginzuishou, but she is stopped [p.82-83]
  • Sailor Venus transforms with "Venus Power, Make Up!!" for the first time [p.85]
  • Sailor Venus uses "Sailor V Kick!" for the first time [p.85]
  • Sailor Venus uses "Venus Love-me Chain!!" for the first time [p.86]
  • Evil Tuxedo Kamen steals the ginzuishou [p.87]
  • Queen Beryl arrives to help Evil Tuxedo Kamen [p.92]
  • Queen Beryl introduces herself to the Sailor Senshi [p.94]
  • Sailor Mercury uses "Super Dimensional Space Warp!!" for the first time [p.100]
  • Queen Beryl uses her hair-choke attack on Sailormoon [p.101]
  • Queen Metallia's history and birth is revealed [p.102]
  • Sailor Venus remembers Beryl's part in the war in the past between the Earth and Moon [p.104]
  • Sailor Jupiter cuts the hair holding Sailormoon with the magical sword [p.108]
  • Sailor Venus kills Queen Beryl with the magical sword [p.109]
  • The sword is implied to be made of ginzuishou [p.110]
  • Beryl's unrequited love for Prince Endymion is revealed [p.110-111]
  • Evil Tuxedo Kamen kidnaps an unconscious Venus and steals the sword, Sailormoon follows [p.113-114]
  • Luna and the other Senshi pinpoint the location of Sailormoon and the others as being at the North Pole, D Point [p.116-119]
  • Evil Tuxedo Kamen interrogates Sailormoon about the ginzuishou, choking her [p.122-123]
  • The other Sailor Senshi arrive [p.124]
  • Sailormoon can't see a way to win without sadness and plunges the sword into her [p.138-139]
  • Act 12, 'Kessen - Reincarnation'

  • The ginzuishou becomes whole again [p.144]
  • Queen Metallia swallows Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen [p.146-147]
  • Luna and Artemis go to the Moon to try and find a solution to Queen Metallia [p.157]
  • Luna and Artemis find out that the Earth is being swallowed in darkness [p.158]
  • The Inner Guardians put their henshin pens together and bring Sailormoon back to life at the cost of their own lives [160-163]
  • Sailormoon wakes up [p.170]
  • The Maboroshi no Ginzuishou powers up for the first time, opening up like a lotus blossom [p.171]
  • Sailormoon brings Tuxedo Kamen back to life with the power of the ginzuishou [p.173-174]
  • Tuxedo Kamen reveals he is blind [p.175]
  • Kunzite and the other Shittenou address Tuxedo Kamen through the four stones they have turned into and explain how to defeat Metallia [p.178-180]
  • Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon combine powers to the ginzuishou, the Moon Stick upgrades into a long staff with a place for the ginzuishou [p.182-183]
  • Tuxedo Kamen can see the brightness of the moon [p.184]
  • Sailormoon challenges Metallia [p.184-185]