Volume 4
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1992

Containing Acts: 13 - 16

Important Story Moments:
Act 13, 'Shuuketsu Shoshite Hajimari - Petite Estranger'

  • Queen Metallia is defeated [p.19-20]
  • The Moon Broach breaks [p. 33]
  • The new Silver Millennium is born with a new Moon Kingdom [p.34]
  • Usagi receives the first Moon Locket [p.36]
  • Usagi transforms with 'Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!' for the first time. [p.37]
  • Sailormoon revives Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako [p.38]
  • First appearance of Luna-P [p.48]
  • First appearance of Chibiusa[p.49]
  • Act 14, 'Black Moon Koan - Sailor Mars'

  • First appearance of Prince Demando [p.61]
  • First appearance of Esmeraude[p.61].
  • First appearance of Rubeus [p.61]
  • First appearance of Wiseman [p.61]
  • The Ayakashi sister's first appearance [p.63].
  • Kooan begins her mission [p.63]
  • Chibiusa first transforms Luna-P into a hypnosis umbrella [p.70]
  • Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako receive new 2nd henshin pens. [p.75]
  • All the known Sailor Senshi receive wrist watch communicators [p.75]
  • Sailor Mars's first transformation with 'Mars Star Power, Make Up!!'[p.90]
  • Sailor Mars's first use of 'Burning Mandala!!' [p.91]
  • Sailor Mercury's first use of 'Shine Aqua Illusion!' [p.94]
  • Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen create the Moon Rod [p.95]
  • Sailormoon first uses 'Moon Princess Halation!!' [p.95]
  • Kooan dies [p.95]
  • Sailor Mars is kidnapped by Rubeus [p.97]
  • Act 15, 'Black Moon Beruche - Sailor Mercury'

  • The ginzuishou from the future and the time key are first glimpsed [p.102]
  • Mamoru's psychometry powers are first seen [p.121]
  • Beruche begins her mission [p.126]
  • Mercury first transforms with 'Mercury Star Power! Make Up!!' [p.135]
  • Jupiter first transforms with 'Jupiter Star Power! Make Up!!' [p.135]
  • Sailor Jupiter first uses 'Sparkling Wide Pressure!' [p.136]
  • Sailor Mercury first uses 'Shine Snow Illusion!' [p.138]
  • Beruche is killed [p.140]
  • Sailor Mercury is kidnapped by Rubeus [p.141]
  • Act 16, 'Black Moon Petz - Sailor Jupiter'

  • Chibiusa first uses 'Abracadabra Pons' [p.160]
  • Petz begins her mission [p.166]
  • Demando's obsession with Neo-Queen Selenity is revealed [p.167]
  • Makoto kisses Asanuma ♥ [p.178]
  • Sailor Venus first transforms with 'Venus Star Power, Make Up!!' [p.182]
  • Petz is killed [p.187]
  • Sailor Jupiter is kidnapped by Rubeus [p.188]
  • .