Volume 8
Cover, spine, cover-flaps, and pull-out poster:
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Date Published: 1994

Containing Acts: 25-28

Important Story Moments:
Act 25, 'Mugen 2 - Hamon'

  • Sailor Chibimoon first transforms with 'Moon Prism Power, Make Up!' [p.1]
  • Sailormoon first attacks with 'Moon Spiral Heart Attack!!' [p.7]
  • Hotaru heals a small wound on Sailor Chibimoon [p.9]
  • Sailormoon spies what she thinks is a new Sailor Senshi and another Tuxedo Kamen [p.10-11]
  • First appearance of Professor Tomoe [p.15]
  • First appearance of a Tairon Crystal [p.17]
  • First appearance of the Deep Aqua Mirror [p.29]
  • Eudial begins her mission [p.38]
  • Makoto challenges Haruka to a martial arts spar and loses [p.45-46]
  • Eudial uses a spell to place all Mugen students around her in a trance [p.49-50]
  • Sailor Mars first attacks with 'Mars Snake Fire!!' [p.53]
  • Eudial degenerates to transform into a gorgon [p.53]
  • Sailormoon kills Eudial [p.55]
  • All students recover from their trances [p.55]
  • First close-up appearance of Sailor Uranus [p.57]
  • Act 26, 'Mugen 3 - Futari - New Soldiers'

  • Sailor Uranus kisses Sailormoon [p.62]
  • Usagi realizes that Haruka is Sailor Uranus [p.66]
  • Mimete begins her mission [p.74]
  • Chibiusa shows Hotaru the ginzuishou [p.85]
  • Minako first transforms with her crescent compact into a Mugen student [p.97]
  • Mimette places her audience into a trance [p.98]
  • Kaolinite summons a daimon from another student [p.104]
  • Sailormoon destroys the daimon with 'Moon Spiral Heart Attack!!'
  • Another daimon arises [p.106]
  • Sailor Neptune first uses 'Deep Submerge!!' to kill the daimon [p.107]
  • Sailor Uranus first uses 'World Shaking!!' to kill Mimette [p.108]
  • Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus first introduce themselves [p.110-p.111]
  • Act 27, 'Mugen 4 - Sailor Uranus (Tenou Haruka) & Sailor Neptune (Kaiou Michiru)

  • Sailor Uranus attacks Sailor Moon, Chibimoon, Tuxedo Kamen and the inner guardians with "World Shaking!!" [p.118]
  • Viluy begins her mission [p.143]
  • First appearance of the third wristwatch communicator [p.152]
  • Mercury first uses 'Mercury Aqua Mirage!!' [p.154]
  • Haruka first transforms with 'Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.157]
  • Michiru first transforms with 'Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!' [p.157]
  • First appearance of the Space Sword [p.158]
  • Uranus first attacks with 'Space Sword Blaster!!' [p.158]
  • Viluy is killed by Sailor Uranus's Space Sword Blaster attack [p.159]
  • First appearance of Setsuna [p.161]
  • Act 28, 'Mugen 5 - Sailor Pluto (Meiou Setsuna)

  • Tellu begins her mission [p.171]
  • Hotaru shows interest in Chibiusa's ginzuishou [p.186]
  • Sailor Chibimoon prays to Luna-P and it becomes her second Moon Rod [p.209]
  • Sailor Chibimoon first attacks with 'Pink Sugar Heart Attack!!' [p.209]
  • Sailor Pluto first attacks with 'Chronos Typhoon!!' [p.210]
  • Tellu is killed by Pluto's Chronos Typhoon attack [p.210]
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