Call My Name
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Lyrics & Composition: Michael Benghiat/John Miyagi Author/Sandy Howell
Vocals: Jennifer Cihi (As Sailor Moon)
Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming: Michael Benghiat
Produced by: Michael Benghiat for The Music Kitten

Album Appearance:
Sailor Moon: Songs From the TV Series
[Track 4]

Full Moon Collection
[Track 8]


Trivia: This song was featured in the North American dub, and replaced 'Hottokenai Yo' in Episode 48.

There are days when those gray skies
Make you blue
Each forward step you take
You fall back two

You've been hit by some hard knocks
You just can't stand
Feeling like Alice felt
In Wonderland
Let me be the one to lend a hand

*Call my name and I'll be there
There's nothing like the laughter that we share
Whenever you need someone
Or a shoulder to lean on
Call my name and I'll be there

And when life's going your way
Just like a breeze
It's a kite-flying kind of day
Abover the trees

Together we'll be making memories


As the world turns us around
We hang on to what we've found
A treasure we both need
I will go that extra mile
To give you back that certain smile
That you've given me
I'll answer every time and anywhere


Call my name and I'll be there
Call my name and I'll be there
Call my name
Call my name
I'll be there