My Only Love
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Vocals: Jennifer Cihi (as Princess Serena)
Background Vocals: Sandy Howel

Album Appearance:
Sailor Moon: Songs from the TV Series
[Track 3]

Full Moon Collection
[Track 4 (Remix)]

Lyrics Notes: The lyrics written in italics are on the album, but did not appear in the show.

Trivia: This song replaced 'Maboroshi no Ginzuishou' in episode Episode 34, when the silver crystal appears.

Deep in my soul
A love so strong
It takes control

Now we both know
The secret's bared Driven far apart
I'll make a wish
On a shooting star

*There will come a day
Somewhere far away
In your arms I'll stay
My only Love

Even though you're gone
Love will still live on
The feeling is so strong
My only love
My only love


You've reached the deepest part
Of the secret in my heart
I've known it from the start
My only love
My only love