She's Got the Power
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Vocals: Stan Bush

Album Appearance: Sailor Moon: Songs from the TV Series
[Track 10]


Trivia: This song appeared in Episode 61 of the dub and replaced Ai no Senshi in the original.

Yeah, Yeah!

A crash of thunder
A brilliant flash of light
A battle has begun
And only one will win the fight

Danger in the air
Destroying everything in sight
The time has come to right the wrong
With Prism Power might!

*She's got the power
Oh she's got the power
she's got the power
Yeah she's got the power
She's got the power

A desperate struggle
The strongest takes it all
The battle rages on
Until the weakest finally fall

A vision fills her heart
And gives her strength that's pure and true
And when it seems that all is lost
She knows what she must do


Power Power
Power Power
She's got the power oh

She's got the power
Oh she's got the power!