Who Do You Think You Are?
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Vocals: Jennifer Cihi (as Sailor Moon/Serena) & Sandy Howell (as Sailor Mars/Raye)

Album Appearance:
Luna Rock
[Track 4]


Trivia: This song appeared in Episode 82 of the dub.

You say you're cool and you're strong
You say you'll lead and I should tag along
But would you cry - huh - you'd be a mess
If we just showed up at the party in the same new dress

You say you're brave, Sailor Scout
But it's too late to tell me that you don't ditz out
'Cause spacey things that you've said
Prove that you've got moon rocks rollin' in your head

*Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Ya say you're the best by far
Who do you think you are?

When it's time to stand and fight
You'd rather pine for that cute guy you met last night
And when you're scared, you run back home
Solving every problem with an icecream cone

You're all talk, non-stop
You think that it's so cherry in the leader spot
You say your way never fails
Well, I might as well sit home and paint my fingernails


I hope you know, if today doesn't show
You're my friend (you are my friend)
That doesn't mean that when we've had it
we won't go at it again and again!

You've got brains but I've got guts
If I'm a pain well, you're a klutz
Oh it's insane how we drive each other nuts (it's true!)