You'll Be In My Heart
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Album Appearance: N/A
Vocals: ???

MP3 from Sailor Music

Trivia: This song appeared in the dub, but didn't appear on any albums. The lyrics may not be 100% acurrate because of this. It's an english version of 'Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute'.

Since I first met you
You're in my heart (?)
I feel you near me when I close my eyes
Just like a sweet dream
Your love is with me
I know that you were in my heart all along

Now in the night I know I'm not alone
Your love is with me, my dear friend
And so I hold you close to my heart
And I can feel it will never end

*I know that love is in our hearts
And so I know that we will never be apart
I feel your love is always with me, Wherever I go
Yes you will always be right here in my heart.