Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi
title translation:
Usagi- Road of a Soldier of Love

Precursor Act - La Soldier/Solar Miracle Make-up!
senshi The Inner Senshi and Sailormoon sing La Soldier. Then the stage goes dark, and Sailormoon is onstage, a voice booms to her, telling her that a crisis is approaching the whole universe, and that someone who is willing to risk her life for others will be the only one to help. Sailormoon asks, "King Endymion-sama?" And the Stage lights up, the other four senshi onstage as well. They sing "Solar Miracle Make-up!".

Act 1 - Deathbusters Laboratory
This act starts with Kaolinite singing "Talisman wo Sagase"[Search for the Talisman!], about how they will rule the planet, and that people are worthless. Then Professor Tomoe says "I've done it!" holding up a Daimon egg, he explains that this will help the Deathbusters to extract pure hearts in search of the talisman. Kaolinite sings about how the talisman will form the holy grail and allow the Deathbusters to rule. All the Deathbusters except Professor Tomoe join in. The two main groups of Deathbusters argue over who should be first to find and extract the pure hearts. The men say they have the physical strength, the women the natural charm. Kaolinite declares the women, the Death Nightmares, to be the winners.

Act 2 - The Park
Usagi Puckers Up Usagi and Mamoru are on a boat, singing "Gondola no Koibitto-tachi" [Gondola of Lovers]. Usagi asks Mamoru if they'll always be together. Mamoru says yes, and they both wear friendship bracelets as a token of the promise. Usagi suddenly puckers up, telling Mamoru that now is an opportune time for a kiss. Suddenly, Mamoru points at Luna-P, floating nearby. Chibiusa floats down from the sky and says "no! Don't kiss Usagi-chan!" and Usagi says "Oh no, not again!" ChibiUsa sings "Matamata ChibiUsa desu" [Again, Again it's ChibiUsa!] In the song she explains that she's been sent by Papa and Mama to train with Sailormoon, (but really she's come for Mamo-chan).
This of course spurs a fight, in which Mamoru tells Usagi to stop being immature. Usagi tells Mamoru it's not fair and that she should jump in the lake. Chibiusa starts to rock the boat at this point, and Usagi flails, falling in after you hear a "whoosh!" and Usagi declares that the lake is frozen!
Usagi runs around saying how lucky she is, and suddenly she slips and falls (just as Mamoru tells her she will slip and fall if she keeps it up.) ChibiUsa jumps off and joins her, and Mamoru wonders why the pond is frozen in the middle of summer. Suddenly the Gondola shakes and transforms into a Daimon. The Death Nightmares tell them that ChibiUsa has a pure heart that they must collect. With a couple of the Nightmares on Usagi and Mamoru, the Daimon extracts ChibiUsa's pure heart. They are about to kill Usagi and Mamoru when the daimon is interrupted by Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Uranus uses her World Shaking attack on them, then Neptune uses her Deep Submerge attack. The gondola returns to normal. The Death Nightmares ask Uranus and Neptune why they are interfering, and they say that they, too, need the talisman. The Death Nightmares ask who they are, and in answer they sing "Chou Bi! Uranus to Neptune!" [Ultra Beauties! Uranus and Neptune!] and beat up the Death Nightmares until they leave. Usagi asks Uranus and Neptune if they will return ChibiUsa's heart crystal and Uranus says they can't, it's too important. They see there is no talisman here, and return the heart crystal. When Usagi thanks them, they say they have no need for thanks... and the pond is melting... Usagi looks down, pondering this when she realizes that she is about to be very wet, screaming "Mamo-chan! Save me!" The scene ends with SPLASH!

Act 3 and 4 - ??? / Hikawa Shrine
Death Managers The troupe of four male Deathbusters arrive, doing flips and tumbles on stage... except for the fat one, who simply jumps and bobbles about. They say that the Death Nightmare women failed, and they introduce themselves as the Death Managers [also romanized as Death Manechas (meaning Death Imitators)]. They introduce themselves in turn as Death Raa, Death Rii, Death Roo, and .. Debu Ree (Chubby Ree). They then prove how they can imitate anything by imitating amusement park attractions- starting with spinning tea cups, then moving onto the roller coaster, then the Viking ship. Suddenly, Debu Ree says he can smell something. He sniffs about until he determines the smell is a pure heart! They stop and crouch down to discover the source...
Ami appears on stage and sings "Dream Yume wa Ookiku" [Dream, Our Dreams are Great], about how she isn't sure what to do. How she feels trapped and wants to pursue dreams, but wanted to be here for her friends also. Makoto and Rei appear as well, and ask her what it was she wanted to talk to them about. Ami explains that she has been thinking about her future, what she wants lately, and the girls all sing about their dreams. Minako appears out of a giant gift onstage, with a Volleyball in her hands. She sings she was offered and international team spot. Rei sings that she'd like to train in Tibet but to pursue her music as well. Then Makoto sings that she wants to study cuisine in China. Amy sings that now she's heard everyone's say, she is going to study abroad in Germany. Ami asks what Usagi's dream is, and Minako says it's to eat lots of cake and ice-cream. They say that Ami must not have told Usagi, because she'd definitely say "no no no no!" Usagi shows up, soaking wet from the lake incident and explains that it's ChibiUsa's fault. ChibiUsa and Mamoru show up and everyone sympathizes with ChibiUsa, making Usagi pout.
Suddenly everyone hears "caw! caw!" and they assume it's Phobos and Deimos. Two - rather large- ravens make their way down and say they are Phobos and Deimos, and that they need to speak with Ami. The girls all say that they are obviously not ravens. One of the crows says it's because of Debu being fat that it was so obvious. Suddenly "Michiru" and Haruka and Michiru? "Haruka" appear onstage and say they must be playing with Phobos and Deimos. The girls ask who they are, and "Haruka" says they forget easily an introduce themselves. The girls back up and go "geee?!" (gay) and the fakes say that "gee is pretty rude!" The real Haruka and Michiru come on stage at this point and kick the butts of the fakes. The crows and the fakes argue over whose fault this poorly managed trick was, and then they yell "get them!" and they all start to fight. ChibiUsa makes a point of taunting the Manechas, and Mamoru tries to keep everyone safe, including Usagi who is also getting in the middle of it ala' Chibiusa. Mamoru tells Usagi to stop screwing around, and that ChibiUsa was all alone, to stop being jealous. By now the turmoil onstage has subdued and the Manechas are no longer onstage. Usagi wonders why Mamoru cared more about ChibiUsa than her, that he made a promise on his bracelet to always be with her. Mamoru tells her to not be so selfish. Usagi runs off stage, pouting. Rei says Usagi is acting weird. Ami begins to go after Usagi, when Makoto tells her that it's okay, that Usagi wanted them to follow her and to not bother. Sure enough, Usagi comes back onstage to declare how angry she is, and to tell them EXACTLY where she'll be and to "not bother going after". Everyone leaves, and waves goodbye to ChibiUsa, now left alone.
Chibiusa says that the Manechas bothered her, that they were after Ami. ChibiUsa hears Kaolinite's voice about how love is a false thing, that ChibiUsa's love for Mamoru was foolish and something best left un-pursued. ChibiUsa says she's different, that Mamoru is different than that. Kaolinite and ChibiUsa have a back and forth like this for a while, until ChibiUsa asks "Who are you?" and Kaolinite says "come..." and ChibiUsa says "I'll go to their lair!"

Act 5 - Sub Space, the Base
This act opens with the "Muma no Odori" [Nightmarish Dance]. The Death Nightmares and Kaolinite sing about how human hearts are bound to the nightmares that they cannot escape. When this song is completed, Professor Tomoe says that the Nightmare had failed, and Kaolinite apologizes to him, still flying from the song. Professor Tomoe says that's disrespectful, and then asks if next time he can fly too, or is that silly? Then he asks the Manechas if they wish to fly too, they agree, and Tomoe tells them they are 300 years from that because they are incompetent. They say they may have failed, but discovered something important with Debu's nose- that Ami has a pure heart! Professor Tomoe tells them they are idiots and that Kaolinite discovered that long ago. Kaolinite says that she has even lead ChibiUsa to their lair as bait. She calls for ChibiUsa to come forward. Kaolinite captures Sailor Chibimoon Sailor Chibimoon appears and does her little "soldier in training for love and Justice sailor Chibimoon!" speech, and the Deathbusters just laugh, telling her they lead her to this place. Tomoe orders the Manechas to capture her, and Chibimoon attempts a Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but never finishes it. They grab her as bait. A rose appears, announcing the arrival of Tuxedo Kamen. Tuxedo Kamen tells them that he won't allow them to cut Chibimoon's life short, and tries to retrieve her, but they drag her off and set up their security/laser system. Tuxedo Kamen is thwarted.

Act 6 - Path by the Trees
Usagi is calling for ChibiUsa, but of course she doesn't come. Rei, Minako, and Makoto arrive. Usagi asks were Ami is, and they tell her she's going to study abroad in Germany. Usagi pouts, and the girls add that each of them will be leaving to pursue their dreams also. Usagi doesn't believe that it's just their dreams that is driving their desire to leave her, and begs everyone to tell them what she has done to upset them. They then tell her that Ami is at the airport to go to study abroad in Germany. They explain that they didn't tell Usagi because they knew she'd be upset. Usagi says she won't accept it, and runs off to the airport.

Act 7 - The Airport
Usagi calls out for Ami again and again. Usagi cries out that if everyone is gone, she won't be able to do anything. She falls to the floor and sings, "Tabidachi" [Departure for a Journey]. Ami sings from her part of the airport goodbye to Usagi. As this song ends, Kaolinite appears and draws out Ami's pure heart. Usagi tries to get to her, but ends up being stopped by the Death Nightmares. As she is being bullied, a rose appears. Tuxedo Kamen appears and sings "Tuxedo Mission" while battling the Nightmares. Another Tuxedo Kamen appears to fight... then another, and another, and another! Suddenly there are five Tuxedo Kamen onstage. Tuxedo Kamen? Which is the real Tuxedo Kamen? Collectively they tell her that ChibiUsa was kidnapped, and when one speaks the others copy. Usagi says she can't tell which from the four - Debu asks if she means five, and Usagi says "YOU'RE NOT! Go over there!" (He's obviously too fat to be Tuxedo Kamen). Usagi declares that the real one should be carrying a red rose. All of them pull out a red rose in suit. Then the Tuxedo Kamen begin to fight among themselves that they must destroy the real T.K. Usagi comes forward and says "Those eyes, that smell, you must be...!" and the man pushes her down with "I'm a fake."
Suddenly, one is singled out as the only one wearing a friendship bracelet. The other four discard of him. Usagi is left alone, crying. She finds Ami and Ami is dying without her pure heart crystal. Usagi apologizes to her for not able to save her, and Ami apologizes to Usagi for not telling her she was leaving. Usagi becomes angry because they stole Ami's chance for her dream. Neptune and Uranus arrive and say that Ami's pure heart has been stolen, so they must see if it has a talisman. They head to the lair of the Deathbusters. Usagi stumbles around, alone, and says that if she doesn't have everyone with her, she isn't sure what to do or how she can fight. A voice interrupts her pity party.

Act 8 - World of Illusion
The voice says "Usagi-chan, what's the matter?". Usagi recognizes the voice "Pluto!" Usagi tells her she can't fight without her friends, but she doesn't want to bring them more pain. Pluto tells her that as the senshi of time she must be alone but fight without her friends. King Endymion speaks as well, telling her she is strong enough to destroy the hatred. He tells her to remember her mother, Queen Serenity's, sacrifice, that that is a mother's love. Usagi is determined to fight now, and Pluto says she'll take her to their lair. Usagi walks off and transforms into Princess Serenity.

Act 9 - Death Buster's Lair
Professor Tomoe is inspecting Ami's pure heart. The Death Nightmares and Kaolinite are all around him, one of the Nightmares carries off Ami's pure heart. The Death Manechas enter, and Professor Tomoe tells them they can take off their Tuxedo Kamen disguises. All but one does, and the leader, Death Raa says "what's wrong, death Roo?" And he replies, "I'm not Death Roo!" The REAL Death Roo runs on stage, and it's clear that they have made a mistake- it's Tuxedo Kamen. Uranus and Neptune enter and fight as well, and are captured by the Death Manecha. Princess Serenity enters now, and begs the Deathbusters to stop the senseless fighting. They only laugh and start to beat them harder. She runs in front of Uranus and Neptune and begs them to stop. She says she doesn't care about herself. Professor Tomoe laughs and Kaolinite drags Chibimoon up and Kaolinite begins to beat her. Serenity runs up and protects her. The lights go out and Sailor Jupiter, Venus, and Mars appear. Jupiter uses her Coconut Cyclone attack to deal new damage, the numbers are more even now. Neptune uses Deep Submerge, then Uranus uses world shaking on the Nightmares. Uranus takes Ami's pure heart and checks- "This isn't it either, fly back to Mizuno" she says, and the heart flies away. Uranus and Neptune exit the stage for now.
Mars uses her Snake Fire attack on the Death Manechas, killing Death Roo. Venus uses her Wink Chain sword attack and kills another. Tuxedo Kamen uses Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber on Debu Ree. Now Death Raa has Chibimoon, and Kaolinite appears behind, floating larger than life. She attacks the whole group, then singles out Chibiusa. Serenity and Chibimoon Serenity yells for her to stop. Usagi holds her, and Chibimoon passes out. Serenity cries, then transforms. Professor Tomoe appears and tells her to keep crying because they will all be dead soon. He pulls out a Daimon Atomic Bomber.
Mercury appears now, and uses her Mercury Aqua Mirage on Tomoe. Sailormoon hugs Sailor Mercury and says she was not able to protect ChibiUsa. She begins to wallow in her anger and disappointment with herself. Tomoe's voice laughs and tells him that as long as hatred rules Sailormoon's heart, the atomic bomber will explode. The senshi tell her she shouldn't give up. Tuxedo Kamen tells her to keep courage. That Chibiusa will be okay if she doesn't give up. Sailormoon says that kindness is her strength, that so is love. Tomoe asks if there really is kindness and love in this world? The senshi say they will fight and help. Uranus and Neptune agree and come out as well. They sing "Sailor War".
Tomoe yells out "Die!" and Sailormoon initiates "Sailor Planet Attack!" and the stage lights up. Then Chibimoon comes back to her senses. She tells Sailormoon that she had a dream that her mama told her that Sailormoon was doing a good job. senshi The Deathbusters appear and wonder why the senshi didn't kill them. Tomoe tells them that reviving them will be something they will live to regret. sailormoon tells them that nothing is resolved in battle, that the solution is a kind heart and love. The stage goes dark and then the senshi sing, "L'Amor, D'Amour, Moonlight". The stage goes dark, then everyone takes their casting call bows. Finally, the whole cast sings "La Soldier".