Sailormoon: Frequently Asked Questions

Every now and again in the Sailormoon world a question is asked-- maybe you're wondering if the latest gossip you've heard is correct, maybe you just can't find that tiny piece of information for your shrine, or maybe you're just curious. You've come to the right place.

This area of the site offers you with a serious, detailed manga FAQ, a silly Sailormoon FAQ, and an anti-rumor page.

The FAQ Catagories:

Silly Sailormoon FAQ
The answers to some of BSSM's more absurd questions.

Manga FAQ
A detailed FAQ dealing with the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Manga. Similar to Ken Aromdee's Sailormoon FAQ, this is intended to stand-alone with the back up of Celestial Luminary, if necessary. The manga couterpart to Aromdee's more anime-oriented FAQ. It should be noted that this FAQ is in rotted form. That means that it doesn't have pretty graphics around it and it's very cut and dry. I've also chosen to have it pop up to open from the site for easier viewing. So absolutely no complaints on the graphics of this one! It's supposed to be that way!

Rules of the BSSM Universe
Especially helpful if you're trying to write a fanfiction that follows the general continuity of Sailormoon. Some silly questions answered, some more serious.