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Hello! My name is Sailor Kimberly. Yes, I got this page up and iI thin it's the GGGGGOOOOOODEEEESSSSSTTTTT SAILOR MOON PAGE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a fan of Sailor Jupiter. I think Raye and Rini are stupid, anyway here I am. I support SOS you should too! Visit their site okay? Oh and this is on the anime. I only know the dub, but I think that I should be able to do the other versions too 'cause Sailor Moon rules!

SOS logo cliche

Sailor Moon is about a 14 year old clutz named Serena that met a talking cat one day when she was late for school. The cat had a cresant moon on its forehead. Later that day the cat told her she was a scout of justice Sailor Moon. Serena didn't believe her until she transformed with Moon Prism Power! That started her on her career as a scout of justice. She was eventually joined by her other scouts to find the Moon Princess and the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Anyway here are some profiles. I really like the show a lot. If you like it too e-mail me!

Inner Scouts

Kino Lita/ Sailor Jupiter

Cerena Tookeenoh/ Sailor Moon

Ino Mina / Sailor Venus

Raye Heeno/ Sailor Mars (she's so mean!)

Amy Mitzuno/ Sailor Mercury

Rini Chebah/ Sailor Mini Moon

Outer Scouts

Nerissa Meioh/ Sailor Neptune

Alex Te'nou/ Sailor Uranus YES IN A PST LIFE SHE WAS A PRINCE!!

Helen Tomoe/ Sailor Saturn

Susan Kaioh / Sailor Pluto

Starlight Scouts

Star Fighter

Star Maker

Star Healer

Princess Fireball

Sailor Chibi-chibi Moon


My Sailor Jupiter shrine


The B3st Fan ART ever!!


I like updatde this beacuse i no u like it. U r smart, right/; oh, i forgot to tpoe in when. umm.. 1/00/01 U should visit my fphishes page. It's all about dolphins and stuph. I almpst forgotten that I added the stuf about Prince Ur anus recently. I found it on SOS. I like it's sooooOOOO cooooolllLLL! Send in mail to DiC to bring back Sailormoon and the mpvie. I think it's sssssooooo cool. Bandai suxs. did U see what they did to Sailormoon? I don't care if Raye's in a wheel chair hshe's a jerk Cuase she is so mean too Usagi.

I know my page is entirely and utterly stupid. I mean it could be SOOOOO much BeTter. I am an idiot. But so I feel popular and so my site looks good sign My guestbook NOOOOWWW and if you liked it and so I look good. PUUUUIIIIISSSSUUSE. If you do sign it thankyou. If you didn't U SUX.


And If I have forgtten e-mail SOS and get on TV Sailor Moon R. and eat Pop Tarts.

this ois a copywrite of tkeauhic okami and stuph like that. and toy too. and I think friend's meagazin? I don't know. anywayZ it all belongs to me.