Notes & Credits
The intention of this section is to provide a complete resource for people searching for Sailormoon lyrics and songs. In general, resources tend to be spread out for this type of information. Sailormusic comes the closest, and has far more information than this site ever will -it has complete song listings, going all the way to background music without lyrics and really obscure things as well as many more international tracks; this site will only ever carry the japanese tracks and the north american ones.

My resources for the lyrics and the translations varied. The romanized lyrics for the songs came from multiple sources, and I didn't bother keeping track (if you google just about any song, several sources for the romaji come up).

Translation sources are all cited. I tried to contact all the translators for permission, but had various problems getting ahold of some of them. Therefore, as a resource to the BSSM community, I will keep the translations up with credit unless I am told to cease.

Lyrics for the three dub songs that don't appear on any album (Let's Fight; Tear Our Hearts in Two; and You'll Be In My Heart) were cataloged by me. I do not promise that there are not any errors, there are question marks next to lines that I felt were ambiguous in clarity.

Seramyu translations come straight from the fansubs. I credit Ken Yuen as they are his translations, but I watched the shows and listened as well as paused a lot to get all the lyrics. ^_-

MP3s are mostly from & SeraMyu Antics. These are the best resources on the web for downloading the songs, if you are interested, and there are links on their sites for purchasing the albums as well.

The mp3 players are from Premium Beat and were extremely easy to use.