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Licensing Rumors…

“Not only that, but Toei Animation (major partner to the creator, and huge animation studio) is hell bent on pulling “Sailor Moon” out of America altogether for some unknown reason. People have said that Toei has no control over the manga, and that may be true to some extent, but they do have enough money to influence other companies (particularly Kodonsha, which owns the manga rights to “Sailor Moon”) to follow their lead, so I have my suspicions that there is more going on back stage then anyone’s letting on as to why we haven’t gotten the re-release we so desperately want to have!”
From: http://www.thecomicbookguy.com/sailormoon.html

is false. Toei has no control over Kodansha and this is just a speculation. More like Kodansha has more pull over Toei, from my observations. (That or they are part of a Zaibatsu.)

In any case, PNP owns all rights to the Sailormoon manga and properties. The manga stopped because Tokyopop just did not renew the license (It was not profitable enough.)