Bishoujo Senshi 101 - Introduction to Sailormoon
Welcome to the class! Have a seat! I hope you are comfortable.

There, are we all settled now? OK, Today I will be your teacher. My name is Kinno Hitsuji. (Asian name style)

This class teaches the basic facts about Sailor Moon. It is not for those who are veterans and know everything about Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. It is good for a refresher course.

Yes, it will repeat a large amount of information on the site. However, it does not encompass ALL the information on the site!

These lessons are here to help you graduate from a Moonie to at least a knowledgeable Sailormoon fan. It will point out where to find additional information, find merchandise, and give a quick and dirty lesson on the world of anime and manga.

The Lessons:

Lesson 1: The Very Basics
About Japan*
What is Manga?
What is Anime?
How Sailor Moon was born
How Sailor Moon was created

Lesson 2: In the Real World
About the Creator
List of Staff
What is that company about?
Who is Kodansha?
    -Run Run
Who is Toei?
All about SOS
All about Mixx
All about Eye on Mixx

Lesson 3: About Sailormoon Itself
The Seasons
Senshi and Powers


Lesson 4: Wrapping It Up
Ethical Consideration
Useful Resources
Final Examination


*Off Site at Involuntary Art Dot Com