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Notes on this section:

This section is dedicated to magical attacks of the Sailors. Here are a few notes on the section.

- Please be paitent about the completion of this section. E-mail about hurrying up, will be gladly deleted without a reply.

- When actions happen without words I use ().

- In the manga sometimes the attacks appear in kanji (Chinese characters) and katakana (a writing system to denote foreign languages, in this case english). For people's interest, I will list the kanji pronunciation! However, the characters say them in katakana.

- I am fully aware of Ian Miller and what he says about attacks. However, he needs better backing of his sources. He only provides one and his information is often erroneous.

- Feel free to correct any mistakes I make! However, be prepared with sources, page numbers, and back up. The best source is Takeuchi-sensei herself.

- If you use the page numbers from the manga please give me credit. Please do not take the description, format, design. Do not direct link images (I will catch you. and you will see: this image Thank you.

- I made some mistakes and they were corrected by Sora Tsukino.

Hitsuji Kinno

Mako-chan's Design Notes:
This page was a LOT of work. We're talking hours upon hours of tedium- hunting down page numbers, scanning stuff , and just searching the web for various items. I am not responsible for the information, that is Hitsuji's department, but I am helping with finding the images and making sure links are working properly. This means I had quite a bit of time spent on this site scanning, searching the web, etc for all images and GIF files. As a result, I ask that you enjoy the images, etc ^_^, but please don't take all of them or blatantly copy. (Like I said, this page was a lot of work!)

The following notes regard the images:
1. Manga images were either scanned by me or Hitsuji, and a few were from, and are noted.
2. Anime images, not animated GIFs, were more than likely taken from Anime Galleries Sailormoon Area. I spent many hours pouring through images from here trying to find henshin wands, tiaras, etc.
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4. No, not everything has an image/GIF file attached to it, most things are coming soon.
5. The game sprites were from Lycentia's Site with the exception of Parallel Sailormoon who I made. [Her fuku may or may not be yellow, it was just a guess though her hair IS pinkish purple]

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