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SOS Mark II (i.e. SOS by another name…)

Moon Chase is the next organization I’m calling out. They have all the features of SOS and half the information.

SOS on the upside at least had a little clue about how the industry ran. Moon Chase has no idea how the industry runs.

SOS chewed out Takeuchi-sensei, so does Moon Chase (especially with their “neutral” reporting) They are just as uppity about what Takeuchi-sensei should and shouldn’t do to please them around their schedules and how she should conform to their American standards.

They have false reporting on Sailor Moon claiming that Sailor Moon is being redubbed by the Seiyuu in Japan. They don’t read Japanese, but even if you have Rikai-chan or eyes, you can see that news is at least 2 years old if not older. Wait, Didn’t SOS do something similar? If I remember right, I chased their sources to dead ends too.

They claim to know everything that is happening in Japan, but don’t know anyone who lives there nor speaks Japanese, thus much of their reporting on License information is false. They don’t know anything about Japanese culture, but somehow have an idea that they can help make Sailor Moon reappear in the US market once more with a new dub.

Thus, I will call them the new SOS, and I mean every ounce of what that implies. So, Moon Chase, have you thought up a Prince Uranus scheme yet? Or are you going to say Princess Serenity was really Prince Seraphinus in line with the Yaoi trends? How about a Pop Tarts scheme? I know! Chase down Funimation to redub Sailor Moon when you can’t even understand the first thing about licensing a series or how it works. Good job! You are on the way to true success.

Now I should ask, who was so unhappy with reading subtitles, that they want to go through the pain of underpaid Canadian actors and actresses again? Can’t you get the DVD box sets online and watch the entire series online?

I would respect them more if they put the effort into understanding just a little about how this business is run. It’s not that hard to figure out. I figured it out in a space of 6 months of tons of reading. Let’s learn here to not do campaigns blind. Didn’t we get enough of that during SOS? Do we really need another helping?