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Little Layout Changes, Music Section Up

Lately I haven’t been updating as much, so I apologize. There’s been a lot going on in my personal life lately that has been getting my attention. Since I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to finish this project, I decided to stop being selfish hoarding it and to make available the chunk of the music section that I’ve completed. I’ll probably get a song down now and then but I don’t imagine (with the stuff I’m dealing with) I’ll sit down for a large chunk of time and just complete it in one shot, like I originally intended. So what I’ve completed, about 1/3 of it, is up to look at. I’ll try to work on it soon.

Because it’s a large section to be updated (even unfinished it is large) there may be errors in it. If there are, please reply to this post and let me know about anything you stumble across. I’d be really grateful.

Other than that, I tweaked the layout so it’s a bit smaller (on my resolution that means it doesn’t scroll at all anymore) but still retains the same links. All the headers have been changed a bit, too. I especially like the animated one in the arcade section of the site. Though I’ve updated the layout a little, the tweak wasn’t big enough for me to call it a full on layout update. So there you go.

I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on this site for a devoted period of time again, or when I’ll even have the ambition to do so. That isn’t to say I’ve given up or quit (I’m far too stubborn for that, and look at all the unfinished sections! ^_^) but I’m not sure when the next *major* update will occur, so bear with me.