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2010 July - Celestial Luminary Blog

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File Transfer and what’s coming

I got a new host. I wasn’t happy with the old host. I also requested that we break out of the iframes, so asked Makochan to do something about that.

I transferred the blog to WordPress as well.

Pretty Back End?

I had some family issues, so this might be delayed a little, because my Dad, while he did, technically do most of the back end, kind of forgot to put a front end to the back end. So the back end can do things like pictures, and such, but there is no page that brings it together. =P I’ll ask someone to look at the current code and give me a sense of what’s missing ’cause I honestly have no clue and he didn’t do documentation. If you want to volunteer for no money, I can show the files–though not the actual password to the database, etc. I just need the rest of the front end.

Up and Coming?

I’m working out an encyclopedia that’s been on the back burner for a while.

Makochan is working on a new site design to do .css tables to make for SEO so we float closer to the top.

I’m breaking down and adding a third party gallery software for the image gallery, though I’ll probably end up making a design for it, if Makochan doesn’t.

Feel free to comment on this blog to leave feedback, and yes, we do filter for spam, so no, your ads for big things and enhancers and all of those pill-popping crap won’t make it through. Sorry. Wrong website for that.

Yay for no more shell hacks.