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About Mako-chan - Celestial Luminary Blog

About Mako-chan

Real Name: It’s a secret.
Why the nickname? When BSSM was at it’s frenzied height of popularity, I was in high school. More than once, I was told that I looked a lot like Sailor Jupiter (unsolicited, I should add) so I went with it as a nickname. I really do like Makoto a lot, but she isn’t my favorite BSSM character.
Birthday: January 26- Just before Haruka-chan’s!
Favorite Color: Green
Day Job: It’s a secret. Let’s just say it isn’t webdesign!
Status: Married as of August 2008!
Hobbies: There are a lot… I tend to get really absorbed in something and then get bored after a bit and move on to something new, but I also tend to cycle back to the hobbies I had before, too. Webdesign, videogames, and reading are all hobbies of mine. I used to be into anime and manga more, but I sort of lost interest in it after a while (which was lucky for my paycheck) though of course I love BSSM ♥ !

Site Job: My primary job is to beautify the site and work hard on visuals or any other media that needs to be linked, added, or tagged to various stuff. I don’t have the biggest BSSM collection in the world, but I do have a lot of the essentials and that has made this a lot easier (having all 18 tankoubon has been very helpful when I need a certain pic, and ditto for the anime!) My secondary job is to write very basic bare-bones information about various stuff in BSSM. I leave any subjective materials to Hitsuji, if I can help it, but am capable of adding information that is easilly verified. Most sections of this site are written by Hitsuji, mainly, but some (such as the SeraMyu section, the Video Games section, and the PGSM section… so far) are written by me instead. I’ll work hard to keep the site beautiful and any information that I have written as accurate as possible.

What kind of stuff do you use for the site?: I have a Compaq laptop that I use (Hitsuji uses Apple, mostly) and notepad for coding the html and css. I also use Paint Shop Pro 7 (it is really terribly outdated and I need to buy the update soon…) and very rarely Photoshop (but I find that PSP and PS have the same amount of features, but that PSP is typically more intuitively laid out which is why the preference is there for me personally). My system is Windows XP, I’m avoiding Vista like the plague at the moment.

Can I See a Picture?: Not on this site! I like to keep my public site face ambiguious if possible… call it paranoia ^_- . And before you even ask, I do have facebook, myspace, etc, but my network is friends-only and I’m not giving out my name anyway.

Vices: Pepsi-cola. I’m hopelessly addicted. I also am addicted to checking up on U.Blog to see what my favorite singer, Utada Hikaru, is up to (incidentally, that’s the only J-Pop I listen to and have been exposed to lots of other stuff but haven’t liked it). Other things I like? Girly beauty products, sweet cocktails, and playing Rock Band with a big group of people.

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