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Credits and Copyright - Celestial Luminary Blog

Credits and Copyright

Credits and Copyright

Takeuchi Naoko- creator extraordinaire.
Nakayoshi- The magazine that published the manga.
Kodansha Inc.- The Publishing company that owns Nakayoshi.
Toei Entertainment- The people who made the anime.
Asahi TV- the people who broadcasted the anime.
Bandai- the sponsor and Toy Company that made the toys and merchandise.
Mixx Entertainment Inc./Tokyopop- The company that translated the manga in the United States and published it.
(Though they are owned overseas by what’s rumored to be a company in shady legal business.)
DiC- The people who butchered and translated the manga for broadcast and hired an unstable Canadian Dubbing company who could not pay their Voices enough to stay.
Irwin- The people who made Sailormoon PG-7, instead of PG 14, thus father butchering the anime and manga.
Cloverway Inc.- The Japanese-based extension of what’s thought to be Toei Entertainment, who did a fair job of the dubbing and chose Pioneer to do the subbing.
We are NOT doing this for money or profit, just entertainment and because We happen to love Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Copyright: This is our property and therefore no one may take it in part or whole unless they ask permission or we give it out.
All pictures, manga, fan fiction, fan art or other media belong to the respective owners. You may not take anything associating with this
page without expressed permission of the artists or author. The only person allowed to ever allowed to plagiarize this fan site is Takeuchi Naoko,
creator of the wonderful ORIGINAL Sailor Moon. It would be an HONOR is she did.

The content of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Musicals (commonly referenced as ‘SeraMyu’), Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Sailormoon Video Games, Sailormoon Manga, and Sailormoon Anime is used without permission but without intent of copyright infringement for non-profit with intended use as an educational aid in accordance with the “Fair Use” clause of Title 17, Section 107, United States Code

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