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About Hitsuji

Basic Stats:

Real Name: HI-MI-TSU (It’s a Secret).

Why the nickname? Hitsuji means Sheep. Kinno means of Gold. So Sheep of Gold. It’s a fudging of two names I own. ^_^

Birthday: Himitsu! Buddah! –>Saggittarius.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Day Job: Working on getting certification that I am what I am. ^_^ Web designer/Cultural Anthro though I write novels in my freetime.

Status: Don’t bother.

Hobbies: Writing, art, website design are the major ones. I fool around with programming once in a while. I also have hobbies in cultural anthropology, languages, crafts, and I have a programs fetish (and stationary/art supply fetish). I watch anime and Asian dramas. Despite this, I’m no Asiaphile. (I’m *cough* Asian *cough*) I often collect lots of unimportant facts in my freetime. I do fan fiction and fan art too, though those are hobbies, and not my starting point. (I had training in both writing and art before venturing into that direction). I know English, Japanese, Korean, and a little French (which has faded, but apparently not died). I’m working on Mandarin.

Site Job: I provide the info for the website, do the research, and once in a while come back to clean up the years old messes I’ve made. I also do the programming and back end of the website in terms of MySQL and PHP, which if I’ve done well, you won’t even get to see. I also do temporary website designs and swoop in to fight hackers and lesser people.

Mostly people see me as that crazy canon purist they are sick of debating with. Some people have called me “Queen of Sailor Moon Information.” I mgiht have gained this reputation from being a flaming canon purist, or the fact that I’ve provided the majority of the referencing for Wikipedia’s Sailor Moon project. Formatting of the references for easy consumption–that Hitsuji is me. You can see my work on there. I provide information for the fanfiction writers at fanfiction.net through the Sailor Moon Experts forum, so I’m usually lurking in the background somewhere of the Sailor Moon fandom.

I also gave the structure to the majority of this website… fool around, give a new section I came up with in the middle of the night and then run and leave it. (Poor Mako-chan… poor Mako-chan.) Then come back to it later….

What kind of stuff do you use for the site?: I have a Mac with latest software. I boast about it every time someone claims to a virus or broken down hardware. You see, the year and month I was born, Mac became popular and a stable company… I was *destined* to like a Mac. ^.~

I own Photoshop, Daz, BBedit, Fetch and a variety of other programs which have nothing to do with this website, but my fetish for liking programs. You can see that fetish in effect at my deviant art account. Shiny programs make me happy. WYSIWYG programs make me unhappy.

Can I See a Picture?: Can you tell me how much you make in a year, your bank account and pin? We can make a deal then.

Vices: I’m a raging Sailor Moon Canon purist. I hate butchered Japanese. And the other flaws you’ll just pick up over time.

Contact: You can probably best contact me by leaving a comment on the blog. It’s supposed to notify me when a comment has been made. Or you can contact me through my Deviant art or fan fiction.net accounts. I have twitter and facebook accounts only because people wouldn’t leave me alone if I didn’t, but they aren’t open to the public eye.

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