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To Do List


Finish Profiles:

Monsters of the Day/One Shot Characters: Rewatch BSSM & screen-cap monsters of the day and one-shot characters. Add to the list any forgotten characters. Rewatch again in english to complete these minor profiles to get correct translated names, etc.

Main Characters/Senshi: Find any missing voice wav files. Find the translations and also the raw japanese of the sailor’s introductions.

Find any and all missing page #s for attacks, etcetera.

Image Gallery:

Decide upon the organization of the gallery and finalize a basic design. Confirm with Hitsuji so that it can be coded and created in a more up-to-date and technologically advanced manner.

Scan images of each character and name them to organize it.

Stardust Magic:

Finish creating animated gif files of attacks. Move on to PGSM to create those attacks as well.

Hunt down any missing page #s for research purposes.

Hunt down any missing images needed to complete this section.

Write in basic information about items, attacks, etcetera that is not listed yet.

Moonlight Mythology:

Write gemstone information for any missing gems or metals.

Start and finish the folklore section.

Start and finish the astronomy section.

Start and finish the mythology section.

French Connection:

Start and finish french references in BSSM.


Start and finish cameo section.

Places Guide:

Collect images of any locations in BSSM anime, manga, & PGSM.

Begin to write information on specific places and how they relate to the series.


Begin to collect and rip music files to share on this section.


Rip and collect video files of attacks, special moments, etcetera.


Redo all layouts for shrines excluding Miracle Romance.


Hopefully Hitsuji will take care of this. The PHP needs to be fixed and edited.

Fan Art:

Reorganize this section so it makes a bit more sense. Place better contact information up so it is easier for fans to submit items.

Moon Food:

Research different foods from BSSM and check recipes online. Experiment at home until I’ve found a good mix and have tweaked it enough to make it my own.


Leave it to Hitsuji.




Finish this section’s information, Volumes 5, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18

Scan in cover art for English translations

Purchase new editions of Japanese volumes to add in cover art and new break-down of chapters (but this will be mostly copy-paste work)

Character Deconstructions:

Find various images to support each character’s looks, start with major things (Sailor form, school uniform, etc) and move onto minor outfits like PJs and dresses. Start with two for each character and then move onto the rest.

Scan in various images and discuss them. Get multiple angles of each thing and magnify some stuff to make points, too.

Everything else in this section Hitsuji can finish…


Seiyuu/Voice Actors:

Hunt down pictures of Seiyuu and of NA Voice actors, or any other voice actors.

Write brief bios about them and include images of the characters they voiced as well.


Begin to write summaries for various episodes. Start with Episode 1. Include screen-caps to make it slightly more interesting.

All other things Hitsuji can finish…




Hunt down musicals that have not been watched and watch them- a few times. Write summaries. Takes lots of time, I know…

Cast List:

Work first on Sailor Senshi casting information, then move onto the Villians last. As you hear new information, add it to the corresponding cast member’s profile. Also, as you watch more musicals be sure to add in information regarding the casting as you go.



Episode Summaries:

Rewatch the series and write as you go (obviously).

Magical Items:

Kuroki Mio’s Magical Items


Look up photos and digitally edit each so they look good for the actors/actresses profiles.

Write basic info on each actor and actress.

Add information as you go.

Everything else, let Hitsuji handle it…



Write up summaries, etcetera etcetera for each game on the list. It sucks, and is a lot of work, but will pay off… eventually.


Add the ROMs for download once I have Hitsuji’s permission.

Sprites- start spriting and get it all organized.


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