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Owner’s Sites

Involuntary Art dot Com
This is Hitsuji’s website. She owns the domain, and does the major unattended sections. It’s a work in progress. It has all kinds of Involuntary Art (the definition of manga, manhwa, and manwha). There’s things on individual artists, and although it might not be likeable at first, it grows on you over time. You can find out about other types of graphics novels, and learn about art that isn’t appreciated as much.

The Moon Garden
This is Islevet Waterborn’s website. She does the Togashi Shrine section. It’s wonderfully laid out (very clever and seamless in fact) simple and fast loading. It is all manga-based and has a wonderful page to Takeuchi-sensei. It is very simple, but elegant and very well thought out. It really captures the spirit of the manga.

This is Nishi Rajan’s website. She is doing one of the parts of Takeuchi-naoko.com eventually….. (when she isn’t so busy with getting married, and going to law school). She’s a really cool person too. The website is another information website, with more interactive things in it, including the Takeuchi Naoko Mailing List. She also is having trouble finding a host, so it’s not stable until then. (too much traffic).

Large Domains / Non-Sailormoon Sites

Status: Static
This domain has a lot of different anime-related sites on it, including a very small shrine to Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights.

Status: Static
Multiple sites abound, but apparently static (the last update was in 2006) The Sailormoon page has been rather stagnant lately, but the information there is solid and good.

General / Combination Sites

Hitoshi Doi’s Sailormoon
Status: Static (But Classic)
Extremely large and classically listed site. Some stuff is outdated, but for the most part this remains a standard for Sailormoon information (particularly anime-based info).

The Oracle
status: Active
Currently the biggest active Sailormoon website on the ‘net (with the exception of, perhaps, wikimoon). It is in-depth and comprehensive but still doesn’t have quite everything up yet.

Sera-Myu Sites

Status: Static
This site has a huge amount of information on the cast and staff especially, as well as plenty of media to support it. Unfortunately, the distro is no longer available.

Sera Myu Antics!
Status: Active
This is the largest media-driven Sera Myu site around. It has extensive galleries, music available for download, videos, and more.

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Sites

Status: Active
This site is probably the largest single PGSM site around. It has, honestly, just about everything you could want from a site.



Status: Active
This is an amazing shrine to Usagi. Not only is it HUGE, it also contains a lot of unique articles and sections to give it an original flair. Some high-lights: A deconstruction of her outfits, a Usagi/Sailormoon fanlisting, and an interesting creative writing project based on the (hypothetical) letters Usagi sent to Mamoru during the Stars season of the anime.


Status: Active
This is a comprehensive Ami/Mercury shrine. Anything you could care to know about the character you will likely find on this site.

Icesenshi’s Lake of Illusions
Status: Static
This is one of the oldest Sailor Mercury shrines on the web, and is still one of the best. There are tons of articles on Ami, Sailormercury, and her life, it’s no wonder it’s still heavily linked.


Crimson Inferno
Status: Possibly Static?
This is a fairly old shrine that is informative, although a bit small. It has all the basic information about every aspect of Sailor Mars- including Shintoism, the planet Mars, and the Fire Element.

Sailor Mars Shrine
Status: Static
I’ve been to tons of shrines, believe me when I say that this one could be called ultimate. The layout is somewhat outdated now, but the content is good and more original. Things like a general profile have been written in first person to give it a new spin.

In Flames
Status: Active
This site is new (created March 2009) but is surprisingly in-depth already. It’s a bit on the smaller side at the moment, but shows definite promise, plus the information that is up is excellent.


Emerald Star
Status: Active
This site reminds me of a Russian doll- as soon as you think you’ve hit the end, more articles pop up (in a good way). A big site, and fairly recently the webmistress admitted to wanting to revamp it wholly but doesn’t know when it will happen.

Status: Very Static
This is one of the original Sailor Jupiter shrines out there, and it still has unique and original content. It is very much static right now, but what is left is still excellent.


Go! My Heaven.
Status: ActiveThis is a really good shrine to Sailor Venus, Minako, and Sailor V. It has information on the manga, anime, and Codename Wa Sailor V tankoubon as well. My only complaint is the lack of PGSM material on the site, and the webmistress admits she wasn’t fond of the series so never finished it.


Beautiful Dreamer
Status: ???This is one of the few really comprehensive Chibiusa shrines out there. The site goes in-depth and beyond “she’s really cute” which is refreshing.


Crimson Mysteria
Status: ActiveThis is a great shrine to Sailor Pluto. While it is a bit on the small side, all essential information is present. (And since Pluto didn’t have as much revealed about her as many other senshi, it is understandably smaller.)


Status: StaticDefinitely the most comprehensive Sailor Uranus site around. Unfortunately it is looking a bit outdated, but still retains great knowledge and insight into Haruka.


Black Dove
Status: Semi-StaticAn excellent Saturn shrine, it includes manga and anime information as well as different articles about the various aspects of Sailor Saturn.

Princess Kakyuu/Sailor Starlights

A Three Lights Fan Page
Status: Static
It has an amazing amount of info on the Starlights, and is constructed very well and very simply.


Sailormoon Obsession: A Sailormoon Blog

Status: Active
A refreshingly active site, this chronicles new stuff (often times fanart, cosplay, random BSSM items, etc) and posts it out to the world. The name is fitting, and the webmistress obsessively updates whatever she finds that is new and interesting.

The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever
Status: Static
Though static, this site offered a bunch of information regarding the proper ways to design and execute a Sailormoon website, or any website, really. It still offers valuable info for web builders at their help desk.

Sailor Music
Status: Active
This is the largest Sailormoon music related website around. It houses the music itself, lyrics, etcetera regarding songs from all facets of Sailormoon. Active, but isn’t updated too frequently because there isn’t much for the webmistress to add.

Manga Style
Status: Active
This is a manga-based gallery, mostly, but it also contains things like translations to liner notes and general information about Takeuchi-sensei.

Moon Chase! A Sailor Moon News Blog
Status: Active
There isn’t a ton of BSSM news out right now, but this website chronicles all the stuff that is there- even if it’s relatively small potatoes. A lot of posts have updates on what is going on with former NA Voice Actors, PGSM Actors, etc. They also put up any new BSSM sightings.

Blackmoon Sites

This is for people who purposefully give out wrong information, either to self-serve themselves, or make themselves feel better. These are sites that you may be better off avoiding. Each site listed has a proper reason listed next to it of exactly why it is on this list, and why you should avoid it if you can.

Blackmoon List

SOS Campaign Headquarters Link: http://www.iwaynet.net/~sos/sos.html
Due to the wrong information, being rude about Takeuchi-sensei, not checking their sources, this is one of the worst Sailormoon Sites ever to grace this Earth. Time and again, they misreport information. It claims to have new information, and never really does. The website design is atrocious, and no one wants to be represented by them, yet they claim to be the whole of the Sailormoon fanship. If you ask them to correct information, they don’t correct the original story, but add an additional one. They do need to be stopped.

They are, at least, static currently…

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