Episode 90 - Basic Information
Name: Chikyuu Houkai no Yokan? Nazo no Shin Senshi Shutsugen [Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Senshi]
NA Name: Star Struck, Bad Luck
NA Episode Number: 83
Original Air Date: March 19, 1994
NA Air Date: June 12, 2000
Director: Junichi Satou
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando


Important Plot Points:

  • First true appearance of Professor Tomoe (shadows)
  • First true appearance of Kaolinite
  • First daimon egg/daimon
  • First mention of the talismans, holy grail, and pure heart crystals
  • Last time "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" & "Moon Princess Halation!" are used
  • First glimpse of "World Shaking" & "Deep Submerge" (without full scene)
  • First glimpse of Sailors Uranus and Neptune
  • Episode 90 - Summary

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