Act 3 - Basic Information
Rei Transforms - 

Act 3 PGSM Name: Sannin Me no Senshi wa Miko no Rei-chan [The Third Senshi is Miko Rei]
Original Air Date: October 18, 2003
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi

Girls have been disappearing lately, and it has the sailor senshi concerned. The rumor is that a young miko curses the girls, and Usagi investigates.

Important Plot Points:

  • First mention of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou by name (not in passing)
  • Introduction of Rei
  • Rei first uses "Aku Ryo Taisan"
  • Rei first transforms with "Mars Power, Make Up!" into Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Mars first uses "Youma Taisan"
  • Act 3 - Summary
    At Crown Karaoke, Motoki taps at the glass of Kamekichi's cage. Usagi and Ami walk in, and Usagi quickly flashes her passport. Ami hesitates, showing her passport but asking if it is okay. Usagi tells her it's all right, and leads her back to the secret base.

    In the secret, room, Luna hosts the first ever Sailor Senshi Quiz! Ami and Usagi sit with buzzers and Luna acts as the host, asking questions. Her first question is how many companion senshi are left. Ami buzzes in quickly and first, although Usagi is bashing her buzzer. Ami answers 'two' correctly, and Usagi laments that she knew that one. The second question Luna asks is what the mission is. Usagi buzzes in much quicker this time, and is elated to find she is first. She answers 'to fight the youma that are stealing human energy' and Luna tells her the answer wasn't complete enough. Ami steals the point by adding in finding the maboroshi no ginzuishou and the princess. Usagi asks Luna what exactly the maboroshi no ginzuishou is, and Luna chides her for not paying attention. Luna explains that the ginzuishou is a powerful gem that could destroy the Earth if it was in the wrong hands. Luna says she is worried about 'this' right now and turns a monitor on showing a clip of Sailor V. Usagi wonders if she could possibly be their companion senshi, and Luna ponders that. Ami asks if she could possibly be the princess. Luna says she doesn't know, that she'll have to investigate it further. Then she gives Ami her Teletia S.

    At Hikawa Jinga, a young miko meditates in front of a fire. Meanwhile, on the path way outside the shrine a young girl walks from school. A patch of the sky seems to distort, and the girl stares up at it as a hole is ripped in the sky and a pair of unnaturally long arms reach out of it, grabbing her and pulling her through the hole screaming. The hole closes up behind the girl, leaving only swirling leaves on the path. Two crows circle. Inside the shrine, the fire distorts and the miko grips her hands.

    At Juuban middle school, Usagi and her friends discuss the girls who have been going missing lately. The girls tell Usagi that its rumored the miko puts curses on people. Usagi is obviously uncomfortable with hearing this spooky story, and covers her ears, so the girls decide to tease her and continue on with the story. They talk about the miko's creepy spiritual sense, the ceremony room inside of the temple that is for making curses, and that if you hear the sound of a raven, the miko is right behind you. The girls all cry out after this last proclamation, scaring Usagi even more. Naru assures Usagi that it's just a rumor, and Usagi wonders if that's true but is quickly distracted when she sees Ami going off to eat her lunch alone. She calls out to her to have lunch with the group, and Ami declines politely, saying she has to review when she sees the confused looks that Usagi's friends are giving each other. Naru asks Usagi why she is suddenly so interested with Ami, and her other friend pipes up that she seems suddenly very familiar to her. Usagi doesn't really answer the question and looks away sheepishly.

    After school, Naru and Usagi exchange goodbyes and begin to each walk their separate ways. Usagi sees Ami on the bridge they both cross to walk home, and calls out to her. Usagi asks her why she didn't have lunch with her today and Ami explains that it would be suspicious if they suddenly started to hang out together without explanation. Ami then tells Usagi that she is concerned that the missing girls might be the work of a youma. Usagi gets excited, thinking that she and Ami might be able to take care of it without Luna's help and begins to talk rapidly while walking backwards in front of Ami. As she is chattering, she bumps into a girl in a different school uniform, hard, and Usagi apologizes. The girl gives her a cold look but keeps walking. Usagi mentions that she thinks the girl is a little strange, then notices a bracelet on the ground. The bracelet says "REI" on it and Usagi wonders if the girl might have dropped it just now. Usagi tells Ami to go on ahead without her and that she'll be right there and begins to run after the Rei. Rei walks through the arch of Hikawa Jinga.

    Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom a youma dances while pulling out the energy of several girls. In the throne room, Jadeite tells Queen Beryl that soon the seven holy girls will have maximum energy. Queen Beryl warns Jadeite against failure.

    Usagi makes her way down the path, wondering which way that girl went. Passing through the temple archway, Usagi remembers the creepy rumors that her friends told her about the temple and the miko. Rei meditates in front of the fire as Usagi approaches. Usagi is startled by the sound of two ravens perched on the rooftop. Remembering her friends' words, she turns around but instead is greeted by Rei asking who is there. Panicking, Usagi screams and runs away, leaving a confused Rei behind her and bumping into another girl on the way out.

    That evening at the Tsukino residence, Ami tells Usagi she was being silly and there is no curse of the miko. Usagi tells her that she panicked, but tomorrow she will try to return it again. Ami tells Usagi that she has been collecting information about the missing girls and hopes to gain some insight onto what has been happening. Ami punctuates this statement by sitting up straight and lady-like, and Usagi grins and tells her she doesn't need to be so proper. Ikuko knocks on the door and brings in a tray with a couple mugs, telling the girls it's the deluxe cafe'. Usagi teases her mother by saying it tastes plain, and Ikuko and Usagi fake wrestle, leaving Ami to feel uncomfortable and out of place.

    Outside in the dark cityscape, Luna chases after Sailor V, but can't make the jump that V does and loses the ground she gained. As she climbs up the wall, she calls out for Sailor V to wait, but Sailor V just keeps leaping from building to building. Luna wonders about the crescent moon on V's forehead, and if it means she is the princess.

    The next day, Usagi decides to go back to Hikawa Jinga to return the bracelet. As she approaches the temple, she notices a large group of girls in the same TA School uniform as Rei bullying the girl. Rei wants them to give her birdhouse and a plant back, but the girls tell her they won't return them unless she promises to stop cursing girls. Rei tries to explain that she wasn't cursing anyone, and the girls tell her she is suspicious. Desperate, Rei lunges for the pilfered items and the girls continue to accuse her of making the girls disappear. The lead girl tells her that just yesterday they saw a girl run screaming from the temple. Usagi realizes they are describing her, and steps forward even as they accuse Rei of making that girl disappear, too. Usagi tells the girls that she was the one running away, and that she was just scared from the ravens. She asks the girls to give back the items, and they do and leave. Rei begins to walk away and Usagi follows, asking her to wait a sec. Rei continues walking, so Usagi calls out "Rei-chan!" and Rei turns, surprised. Usagi explains that she knew her name from the bracelet she found, and returns the item, apologizing for being the cause of the bullying. Rei tells her that it happens all the time and to not worry about it.

    The girls go their separate ways. Rei meditates in front of the fire again, and Usagi leaves the temple. As she is stepping outside the gates, Usagi's TeletiaS begins to ring and she answers it, finding Ami on the other end. Ami tells Usagi to hurry to the Manjukaku Wedding building and that she knows where the next girl will be targeted.

    At the Manjukaku Wedding building, Usagi meets Ami and asks her where the next girl will be targeted. Ami motions towards the window and points out a couple of miko in the lobby. She tells Usagi that all the missing girls were priestesses in the festival this year. Ami tells her that the girl who is inside the building is the last of the seven girls who would be in the festival, and that if they keep an eye on her they should see what is happening. The two girls get out their TeletiaS and snap photos of the miko inside.

    As Usagi and Ami make their way through the building as miko, Ami asks Usagi how it turned out with the priestess. Usagi tells Ami that it was only a rumor that Rei was cursing the girls, and that she only seemed suspicious because her spiritual sense was real. As they are chatting, Usagi stops in her tracks as she notices Rei walk through the building. She wonders why Rei is around, and as Rei walks outside, a girl's scream is heard. Ami and Usagi race after Rei.

    Outside, Rei is standing over the final miko from the festival who is collapsed. Usagi calls out to Rei and asks what she is doing. Rei whips her head around and stares at Usagi and Ami, who begin to question her motives. Rei quickly performs "Akuryou taisan!" and the girls think she is attacking them. They duck, only to see a unnatural swirling pile of leaves disperse and fall to the ground. Rei says that she has finally found the one behind the missing girls. Usagi realizes that Rei was simply investigating the missing girls case. Ami suddenly calls out "watch out!" and the leaves begin to swirl and create a new vortex in the sky. Again, the arms reach out, this time grabbing Rei. Usagi grabs Rei's legs and they are both pulled inside. The vortex closes, leaving Ami behind. Ami quickly calls Luna for help.

    Usagi and Rei are deposited in a forest. A youma approaches and Usagi tells Rei to hide. Usagi then transforms into Sailormoon. Rei watches and wonders what is going on. Sailormoon begins to fight the youma. The youma makes some hand gestures and vines wrap around Sailormoon's arms, legs, and waist, then hang her up in the air from the trees. The youma turns to face Rei next, and Sailormoon tells her to run. As she turns to flee, Rei's bracelet begins to sparkle and transforms into the silver bracelet.

    Back in Tokyo, Luna approaches Ami and tells her to transform and then rip open a hole to the subspace Usagi and Rei were taken. Ami agrees and transforms into Sailor Mercury. Using "Mercury Aqua Mist!", she attacks the area where the rip was before.

    In the subspace forest, Sailormoon realizes that the bracelet means Rei is a sailor senshi as well. She yells to Rei to transform. Rei seems confused, and the youma attacks Rei and covers her with leaves. Sailormoon manages to free herself from the vines and drops to the ground. Suddenly, the pile of leaves Rei was under explodes in a dazzling red light. Rei jumps up and transforms with "Mars Power, Make Up!" Usagi is impressed by Rei, who begins to attack the youma gracefully avoiding it. She uses "Youma Taisan!" and defeats it quickly.

    The girls begin to awaken, and the rip in subspace reopens and Sailormoon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars quickly help the girls escape the subspace. Just as Sailormoon is about to leave through the tear herself, vines once again wrap around her legs and drag her away. Before she can get too far, a cane suddenly appears, snapping the vine in half. Tuxedo Kamen rushes over and frees Sailormoon, and the two run through the tear while it is still available.

    Sailor Mercury is happy that Sailormoon is safe. Watching as Tuxedo Kamen leaves, Mercury asks Sailormoon if he is also a companion. Sailormoon admits that she doesn't know, but that he has saved her before. Luna approaches Sailor Mars and tells her she is the third senshi. Mars says she finally understands why she has her powers, and that they are not an ill omen after all.

    In the Dark Kingdom, an enraged Queen Beryl yells out to an apologetic Jadeite, and she curses at the Sailor Senshi.

    Usagi, Ami, and Rei are walking along together. Usagi tells Ami and Rei that they should have a party together now that they were all friends and companions. Usagi quickly grabs Rei's arm and suggests a Karaoke party. Rei tells her that she hates karaoke and she has no plans to be their companion. She then walks away, leaving Usagi flabbergasted.

    Did You Notice...
  • When Usagi and Rei get captured by the Youma, Usagi starts off wearing the priestess robe disguise, but after being brought through the portal she is wearing her school uniform once again.
  • As Sailormoon is held captive by the vines, the vines change position with every different camera angle.