Kubodera Akira
Kubodera Akira First Name: Akira
Last Name: Kubodera
Birthdate: January 20, 1981
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5' 10" [177cm]
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Capricorn/Aquarius (on the cusp)
Hobbies: American Football, Sprinting, Imitations
PGSM Roles: Kunzite, Kuroi
Official Website: Project Jesus (Personal Blog)

Before PGSM:
He graduated from Nihon University's Department of Agriculture. When he graduated, he began to focus on acting a bit more.

Akira did some modeling and a lot of stage work first. (In fact, he did stage shows even during his PGSM time and continues to do the occasional stage show). He modeled for different print advertisements as well as modeling for magazines like Hot Dog Press and Street Jack.

On Pretty Guardian Sailormoon:
He was one of the older cast members, and he had more acting experience than a lot of the others. Akira got along well with the other cast, however, and the other guys seemed to look up to him [1]

As Kunzite, he brought a certain arrogance to the role. He was the least obediant of the Shittenou, and rather than following Beryl (as Jadeite and Nephrite did) or Endymion (as Zoisite did), he chose to follow himself. He was well-suited for the role and did a good job with it.

Following PGSM:
He started acting in more dramas, like Keishichou sousa ikka 9 gakari and Kamen Rider Blade. He also has appeared in several commercials and continues to perform on stage as well.


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